OOCL Limits Window for Export Bookings

OOCL Limits Window for Export Bookings

OOCL is limiting the acceptance of online booking requests, the company informed its U.S. customers on Monday. Outbound cargo space via oocl.com or cargosmart.com will be limited to the current week (as of March 8) plus the following seven weeks because of the continued tight space availability in the North American export market.

OOCL said it is accepting booking requests for export space from phone or email customers only on a current week plus three-week basis.

The Hong Kong based carrier said customers that book export space online will be able to book their shipments out four weeks beyond those customers who do not book via its online service options.

OOCL said the eight-week booking acceptance window will enable it “to better control the management of available vessel space and the related equipment supply planning”.

The carrier said it has experienced an increase in closed vessels and canceled bookings in the last few months in part due to overbooking and customer multiple carrier booking activities in order to secure space.

It said the eight-week booking window would help it improve space management.

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