OCEMA Tries to Answer Chassis Questions

OCEMA Tries to Answer Chassis Questions

The Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association is launching a Chassis Provisioning Information section on the OCEMA Web site to help shippers understand the changes that ocean carriers are making in the provision of chassis at ocean ports and terminals around the country.

As a growing number of carriers get out of the business of providing chassis for merchant haulage, shippers are trying to figure out what it means for their haulage.

"This is an area of great interest to shippers, motor carriers, marine terminals, ports, railroads and other participants in the intermodal chain," said Jeff Lawrence, executive director of OCEMA. "We developed the Chassis Provisioning Information section on the Web site to assist ocean carrier customers and service partners in better understanding the status of chassis provision today and in the future."

OCEMA said the new section of its site at www.ocema.org/cpi provides a summary of announcements made to date and answers to frequently asked questions. The Web site will be updated regularly to provide new information on upcoming changes.

"A key concern of terminals, shippers, and motor carriers, as well as ocean carriers, is ensuring a continued stable supply of chassis in all key intermodal locations," noted John Nardi, senior vice president of operations of Hapag-Lloyd and OCEMA Chairman. "We have studied numerous locations and intend to work closely with terminals, motor carriers, pools, and chassis suppliers to ensure a stable and adequate supply of equipment. As ocean carriers, we have a vital stake in ensuring our customers' service needs are met reliably and efficiently."

OCEMA's subsidiary, Consolidated Chassis Management, operates a nationwide chain of cooperative chassis pools. "CCM has undertaken significant efforts to speed up decision making, reduce costs, and enhance flexibility to meet changes in demand for equipment. We have completed development of our new state of the art Chassis Management IT System for CCM pools, which will greatly assist in achieving these objectives," said CCM President Phil Wojcik. The new CMS system is already deployed in two of CCM's six pools.

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