MOL expands South America calls

MOL expands South America calls

MOL on Wednesday said it plans to expand its East Coast South America (ECSA) and West Coast South America (WCSA) services, "to take advantage of huge potential for economic growth" in the region.

The Tokyo-based carrier previously offered the ECSA/WCSA service with its monthly South America/Oceania service.

MOL is upgrading the frequency to a nine-day interval, in cooperation with Buenos Aires-based Maruba S.C.A., with a combination of coastal space on MOL's Asia-ECSA service and Maruba's Argentine-WCSA service.

The new service begins at the end of October. The port rotation for MOL-operated vessels is: Santos, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio Grande, Sao Francisco do sul, Paranagua, Santos, and Rio de Janeiro. For Maruba-operated vessels, the rotation is: Montevideo, Buenos Aires, San Antonio, Callao, Guayaquil, Callao, San Antonio, and Montevideo

In addition, cargo to and from ports in northern Brazil (Fortaleza, Suape, Salvador, and Vitoria) will be accepted through MOL's partnership with Navegacao Vale do Rio Doce S.A.(Docenave).