MOL Completes New Concept for Green Ships

MOL Completes New Concept for Green Ships

MOL said Thursday it completed the concept for the third ship in its series of next-generation vessels, which it said will be technically feasible in the near future.

The latest concept is for an environment-friendly, large-scale iron ore carrier called the ISHIN-III that will play a key role in the Japanese carrier's future dry bulk fleet.

MOL already operates the very large iron ore carrier Brasil Maru, one of the world’s largest iron ore carriers, which has an improved level of environmental performance.

The ISHIN-III concept, which makes full use of the characteristics of that vessel class, aims to further reduce MOL’s environmental burden by maximizing the use of technologies the company has developed and adopted.

The ISHIN-III concept has two main features. It uses waste heat energy recovery to assist propulsion, and it cuts carbon dioxide emissions even at low speeds.

The new concept seeks to maximize waste heat energy recovery with more advanced technology. A large amount of heat energy can be recovered from the large main engine's exhaust gas, converted to electricity, and utilized to provide additional propulsion, significantly reducing the vessel’s environmental burden. This technology can also be applied to large main engines installed on tankers and containerships.

The combination of a turbocharger that can operate at high efficiency even at low rpm and an electronically-controlled main engine reduces CO2 emissions even during a low-speed voyage.

By introducing these two technologies, the concept aims to cut CO2 emissions by 30 percent.

Overall CO2 emissions can be reduced by over 50 percent when a business model for a “Wind Challenger Project” is established. The development of a wind-driven vessel is being led by Tokyo University, MOL, shipbuilder and material maker Nippon Kaiji Kyokai and other ocean shipping companies.

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