Magdenli Moves Heavy-Lift in Turkey

Magdenli Moves Heavy-Lift in Turkey

Forwarder and heavy transport provider Magdenli Transport and Trade recently handled out-of-gauge component moves for several Turkish wind and natural gas projects using a new 500-ton-capacity mobile crane along with other cargo-moving equipment.

In the first move, Magdenli transported components for the 890-megawatt Samsun/Terme Natural Gas Combined Power Plant Project from the Port of Samsun on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

In another move from the Port of Iskenderun on Turkey’s Mediterranean side, Magdenli discharged and transported wind energy components for the 35-megawat Fine Energy Ziyaret Wind Power Project.

A third move involved the transportation of four 50-metric-ton crane beams measuring 3,200 by 344 by 286 centimeters and two 56-metric-ton overhead cranes measuring 730 by 524 by 348 from Ankara to Iskenderun Payas.

Magdenli is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts network, an organization for cargo equipment owners.