Ex-Im Bank Backs Wind Turbine Export

Ex-Im Bank Backs Wind Turbine Export

The U.S. Export-Import Bank is guaranteeing $22.2 million in euro-denominated loans so a Vermont builder of wind energy turbines can export 55 units to Italy.

The machines are distributed power wind turbines, which are usually small to medium-sized units and used for local communities, farms, individual businesses or homes instead of the larger type used in major wind farms.

Italy’s government offers incentives to spur small wind-power projects, under 200 kilowatts, which connect into the power grid.

The Ex-Im Bank said this sale is the single largest U.S. export of these kinds of wind power turbines to any country.

The 100-kilowatt turbines are made by Northern Power Systems, Barre, Vt., and sold to PurEnergy, a wind-energy developer in Bisaccia, Italy. Each of the 55 units is a standalone unit with its own link to the power grid.

Northern Power figures the sale supports at least 15 production jobs, plus up to 45 more in its supply chain.

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