The North American Free Trade Agreement and Latin American Relationships. Nov. 10. Tarrytown, N.Y. Contact: World Trade Club of Westchester. (914) 948-6444.

Doing Business with China Through Hong Kong: Solving Money Problems. Nov. 10. New York. Contact: Gradi Mak, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office. (212) 265-8888 or Fax: (212) 974-3209.

Agri-Business Export Training Seminar: Highlighting Mexico and Canada. Nov. 10. St. Paul, Minn. Interested in entering into or expanding the export markets for your agricultural products? Seminar will discuss export documentation, transportation and logistics, import restrictions, marketing and various methods of payment. Contact:Minnesota Trade Office Events Hotline, (612) 297-4265, or Jean Cannefax, (612) 297-3920.

Trade Opportunities with Mexico. Nov. 18. Smithfield, R.I. The program will cover issues such as economic reform, the North American Free Trade Agreement, manufacturing and Distribution in Mexico and cultural issues. Contact: RI Export Assistance Center, (401) 232-6407.


Customs Issues and Pending Legislation Affecting Importers. Nov. 9. New York. Presented by The Ireland Chamber of Commerce in the United States and Donohue and Donohue Counselors at Law. Contact: Sharon McCarthy, (212) 248-0008.

Intro to ATFI. Nov. 18 and Dec. 16. Cranford, N.J. Contact: Judy Imperato,

Rijnhaave Information Services, (908) 709-1999. Fax: (908) 709-1780.

Hands-On Export Workshop. Nov. 20. Norwalk, Conn. Contact: James C. Nicholas, Connecticut World Trade Association, (203) 336-5353. Fax: (203) 331-9959.

ISO 9000: Do You Really Need Another Quality Program? Nov. 8-9. Chicago. Contact: Jane Cooper of The Penton Institute, (216) 696-7000.

Fundamentals of Importing. Nov. 8-10. San Francisco. In-depth instruction in different phases of importing, including customs laws, documentation, classification insurance and more. Contact: James Reichert, Fritz Cos., (415) 904-8357.

Legal Aspects of Exporting. Nov. 11. Brookfield, Wis. Learn how to stay out of trouble when exporting products. Contact: Barbara Moebius, WCTC/Wisconsin World Trade Center, (414) 691-5550.

Fundamentals of Exporting. Nov. 11-12. San Francisco. Provides practical skills in fine points of letters of credit, insurance considerations, drawback, export licensing and more. Contact: James Reichert, Fritz Cos., (415) 904-8357.

Customs Law Issues for Importers of Apparel and Textiles. Nov. 15-17. New York. Contact: World Trade Institute of the World Trade Center, (212) 435-3161.

Three Import Strategies: Foreign Trade Zones, Temporary Importations, Drawback - A Managerial Decision. Nov. 18-19. Chicago. Contact: The World Trade Institute of the World Trade Center, (212) 435-3161.


Export Documentation & Export Letters of Credit w/New UCP 500. Nov. 9-10, Greensboro, N.C.; Nov. 10-11, Dallas; Nov. 16-17, Dayton, Ohio and Philadelphia; Nov. 17-18, Denver; Nov. 30-Dec. 1., Raleigh, N.C.; Dec. 1-2., Atlanta, Ga. and Portland, Ore.; Dec. 7-8, Buffalo, N.Y. and Nashville, Tenn.; Dec. 8-9, Torrence, Calif.; Dec. 14-15, Boston, Mass.; Dec. 15-16, Houston, Tex. and Seattle, Wash. Contact: International Trade Institute Inc., (800) 543-2453. In Ohio Call (513) 276-5995) Fax: (513) 276-5920.

Import Regulations and Documentation: Seminar and Workshop. Nov. 15-17. Chicago. Contact: World Trade Institute of the World Trade Center, (212) 435-3161.

Export/Import Letters of Credit. Dec. 6-8. Chicago. Contact: The World Trade Institute of the World Trade Center, (212) 435-3161.

Export Operations Workshop. Dec. 8-10. New York. Contact: The World Trade Institute of the World Trade Center, (212) 435-3161.

Nationwide UCP 500 Seminar Series. Nov. 16, San Antonio; Nov. 17, Houston; Nov. 18, Dallas; Dec. 7, Columbus, Ohio; Dec. 8, St. Louis. Contact: NCITD International Trade Facilitation Council, (703) 519-0661.


Export Workshop/International Finance Workshop. Nov. 8-10, Charlotte, N.C. and Chicago. Contact: Unz & Co., (800) 631-3098, in New Jersey, (201) 795-5400.

10th Annual Conference-Tax Incentives for Exporters: Export Tax-Planning Strategies Today. Nov. 8-10, Pasadena, Calif. Contact: FSC/DISC Tax Association, (914) 694-1065 or (212) 370-3995.

Export Finance Bankers' Conference. Nov. 9, Boston. Contact: Small Business Administration, (202) 205-6720, or Bankers' Association for Foreign Trade, (202) 452-0952.

Executive Briefing on Current Developments in the European Tax and Customs Systems. Nov. 10. Minneapolis. Recent changes in the European tax and customs systems can significantly impact your company's profitability, be aware of these new developments. Deadline to register Nov. 8. Contact: Lisa Ambli, Ernst and Young, (612) 371-8349, or Frans Versluis, European Chamber of Commerce, (212) 265-6466.

Making U.S. Financial Markets Work for Your Customers. Nov. 18. New York. A comprehensive private seminar for non-U.S. bankers, this seminar will provide invaluable information on advising customers on optimally benefiting from accessing U.S. financial markets. Reserve by Nov. 12. Contact: Olga Soto, Emmet, Marvin & Martin, (212) 238-3235.


How to Develop Your Own Export Business Department. First and third Saturdays. Alexandria, Va. Contact: Elliot A. Ryan, New Pastures Trading Co., (703) 273-2779 or (800) 397-9709.

Having the Trade Lead Chase You. Nov. 9. New York. A special marketing program for manufacturers and export management companies. Contact: National Association of Export Companies, (212) 725-3311. Fax: (212) 725-3312.

Export Operation Interface. Nov. 9. Irvine, Calif. Export Operation Interface VII. Interactive discussion between Southern California industry and high- level U.S government officials. Issues affecting a new global export control regime and their impact on West Coast companies. Contact: Marilyn Loewy, (714) 932-5684, or Paula Polizzi, (714) 831-9056.

International Symposium on Trade and the Environment. Nov. 10-12. Minneapolis. Covering environmental impact of trade liberalization, the interrelationship of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the environment. Natural resources, biodiversity, agriculture and much more. Contact: Minnesota State Bar Association, University of Minnesota, (800) 759-8840.

Apec Customs-Trade Symposium on Cooperation and Facilitation. Nov. 15-16. Seattle. Contact: The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, (202) 927-1440 or (202) 927-6248. Fax: (2020 927-1969 or (202) 927-0122.

The Philippines: Trade, Investment Opportunities In Energy, Communications, Transportation & Economic Zones. Nov. 15. New York. Contact: Ellison Quijano, Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce, (212) 972-9326. Fax: (212) 867-9882.

Women in International Trade Inc. Brown Bag Lunch. Nov. 19. Washington, D.C. Stuart P. Seidel, director, International Trade Compliance Division, U.S. Customs Service. Overview of the structure of his office and its relationship to other offices at Customs. Contact: Terry Polino (202) 638-2230 or Amy Rothstein (202) 626- 6057.