Regional Agricultural Marketing and Investment Opportunities. March 30-April 4. Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Contact: Isidro Planella, Inter- American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture. (809) 622-2373. Fax: (809) 628-7058.

''From Confusion Economics to Market Economy: The Only Way for Sweden." April 6. Contact: Carnegie Council of Ethics and International Affairs. (212) 838-4120.

Athens Conference Europe and the New World Juncture. April 8-12. Athens, Greece. Contact: Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations. (212) 751-8788 or (212) 751-8789

Port of Boston in 1992: Terminals, Traffic and Trade. April 9. Boston. Massachusetts Port Authority Seventh Annual Maritime Conference. Contact: Anne Marie Boursiquot. (617) 973-5361. Fax: (617) 973-5357.

Fourth Annual Caribbean Business Exchange Conference. May 19-24. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Contact: Fritz-Earle McLymont, National Minority Business Council Inc. (212) 573-1505.

American Business Opportunities in Central Europe. May 30-June 6. Vienna, Austria. Registration required by April 1. Contact: Fran Meyers. (414) 274-3840


Drawback Workshops on Course. Evening schedule. Now until May 14. South San Francisco. Contact: Leap- hart & Associates. (510) 521-2112.

''Incoterms 1990." April 7. Milwaukee. International Trade Institute. Contact: ITI (800) 543-2453.

Import Regulations and Documentation. April 8-10. Chicago. World Trade Institute. Contact: Eunice Coleman, program manager. (212) 435-3170.

Managing Export Controls in the 1990s. April 10. Smithfield, R.I. Contact: R.I. Export Assistance Center. (401) 232-6407.

''New Risks of Criminal Prosecution for Customs Law Violations." April 15. Elk Grove Village, Ill. Contact: International Trade Association of Greater Chicago. (708) 980-4109.


Fundamentals of Exporting. March 30-31. Cleveland. Contact: Fritz Cos. Celia Matthews. (800) 873-4774.

Export Operations Workshop. March 30-April 1. Dallas. Texas World Trade Institute. Contact: Eunice Coleman, (212) 435-3170.

Fundamentals of Exporting. April 1-2. Dayton, Ohio. Contact: Fritz Cos. Inc. Celia Matthews. (800) 873-4774.

Fundamentals of Importing. April 6-8. Chicago. Fritz Cos. Contact: Celia Matthews. (800) 873-4774.

''Export Documentation." April 8. Milwaukee. International Trade Institute. Contact: ITI (800) 543-2453.

Fundamentals of Exporting. April 9-10. Chicago. Fritz Cos. Contact: Celia Matthews. (800) 873-4774.


Forest Products Transpo '92. April 6-7. Mobile, Ala. International symposium on transportation of forest products. (303) 696-6100.


Export/Incoterms/Letters of Credit. April 1-3. Atlanta. Contact: Unz & Co. (800) 631-3098. in N.J. (201) 795-5400.

''How to Prepare for a Customs Audit." April 2. New York. Contact: ITE Workshops. (201) 433-7668.

Letters of Credit and the Australian Connection. April 2. Milwaukee. Milwaukee World Trade Association. Contact: Michelle McFarland. (414) 287-4141.

Export/Incoterms/Letters of Credit April 6-8. Dallas. Contact: Unz & Co. (800) 631-3098. in N.J. (201) 795-5400.

Incoterms 1990, Export Documentation and Export Letters of Credit. April 7-9. Cleveland. Contact: International Trade Institute (800) 543-2453. Fax: (513) 276-5920.

U.S. Investors Looking to New Zealand for Opportunities. April 7-10. Auckland, New Zealand. Contact: Peter Debreceny. (215) 985-1333. Fax: (215) 985-9453.

Achievements and Challenges for FSC Leasing in the '90s. April 8-9. New York. Contact: Patricia Lahrmer, FSC/DISC Tax Association Inc. (212) 370-3995 or (914) 694-1065. Fax: (914) 723-6270.

''Economics and the New World Order." April 9. New York. By the 92nd Street Y. Contact: Mitchell Feldman. (212) 415- 5450.

Incoterms 1990, Export Documentation and Export Letters of Credit. April 21-23. San Francisco. Contact: International Trade Institute. (800) 543-2453. Fax: (513) 276-5920


International Business Opportunities in the Environmental/Educational Concerns Industries. Saturday mornings. Washington. Contact: George Economides, Olympic Group. (703) 813-1000.

How to Start Your Own Export Company. Saturday mornings. Washington; Atlanta; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; Richmond, Va.; and Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach, Fla. Contact: Elliot A. Ryan. (800) 397-9709.

Mastering the Skills of International Trade, Advanced Series. Feb. 28-June 12. Second and fourth Friday of each month. Orlando, Fla. Series of eight sessions on various topics. Contact: Rosellen Kraus, Small Business Development Center,

College of Business Administration, University of Central Florida. (407) 823-5554.

Export Series 1992. March 5-April 9. Los Angeles. Classes will take place Thursday evenings. Contact: Josey Ritchie. (213) 892-1388.

To Cope in Today's Marketplace, Try Planning Ahead. April 1 and April 22. New York. By the Planning Forum. Contact: Jill Heppenheimer. (212) 675-2131.

''Global Prosperity Through International Steel Trade." April 2-5. San Diego. AIIS 1992 Convention. Contact: David E. Levy. (212) 213-3326.

International Business Behavior and Communications Seminar. April 2. Greenville, S.C. Contact: Jayne S. Woodward, U.S. Department of Commerce. (803) 765-5345. Fax: (803) 253-3614.

How to Develop and Implement Effective Programs. April 8-11. El Paso. National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators. Contact: Roque R. Segura or John Almeida. (915) 534-3418.

Doing Business in the Complex Climate of the '90s. April 9. New York. Contact: Elise Morris/Rick Anderson, G.S. Schwartz & Co. (212) 696-4744. Or Richard Martin, Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries. (212) 760-7820.

''The Political Structures of Europe in the '90s." April 10. New York. Foreign Policy Association. Contact: FPA Events Department, (212) 764-4065.

''International Resources Available to Capture Global Marketplace." April 11. Berkeley, Calif. Contact: Shirley Fogarino. (510) 841-8431, ext. 267.