Transit Strike Ends

In Western Polish CityBYDGOSZCZ, Poland - Bus and tram drivers in this western Polish city ended an 11-hour strike Monday after management apparently gave in to demands for higher wages.

Workers seeking higher pay had listed 10 demands, and three rounds of negotiations took place with a deputy mayor and a deputy provincial governor at a streetcar depot in the city, said a spokeswoman at the official Transport Workers Union office.

The drivers had demanded wages to match those earned in other cities, as well as some management changes.

The strike forced thousands of people to walk or hitch rides to work. It was the lastest instance of worker frustration in the face of recent stiff price hikes.

First Italian Restaurant

Opens in China

BEIJING - The first Italian restaurant in China, Toula-Beijing of the Milan-based Toula Group, opened April 25th in a Beijing hotel.

Tong Hualing, general manager of the Beijing International Hotel, said at a news conference that the Chinese chefs have been trained in Italy, and Toula has sent a manager and chef to oversee operations.

He said 20 percent of the food would be imported from Italy with the remainder coming from China.

Mr. Tong said the restaurant will cater mainly to foreign tourists.

Japan to Aid Indonesia

With Food Production

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Japan and Indonesia signed agreements Monday under which Japan will provide 2.3 billion yen (US$18.4 million) in grants to improve food production, the Foreign Office said.

The aid will be used to boost production of such staple crops as rice, soybean and potatoes by providing agricultural equipment and pesticides, the office said.