Suppliers of the following items seek U.S. importers/distributors. Interested parties are asked to contact these suppliers directly. The Journal of Commerce assumes no responsibility for companies or individuals whose name it furnishes.

GARDENING TOOLS, GARMENTSFlower pots. Plastic flower pots. Contact Dong Lim Plastic Co., 352-2, Dukpo-dong, Buk-ku, Busan, South Korea. Telephone: (051) 323-3324/323-332 5. Telex: JIN CO K52305.

Garment accessories. Hot-fix stones, spangles, embroidered emblems, lace, buttons, buckles, etc. Contact Sam Woo Co., C.P.O. Box 7683, Seoul, South Korea. Telephone: (02) 235-0111. Telex: K32960 SWBTN.

Male/female garments. Polyester dresses, skirts, blouses. Men's polyester shirts. Contact Seohwa Industrial Co. Ltd., 505-1, Teungchon-dong, Kangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Telephone: (02) 699-6011. Telex: K29972 DJAYCO.

Denim products. Men's and women's pants, skirts, jackets and accessories. Contact Andre RanschburgSatroup SA, Industria de Roupas, Rua do Hipodromo 609, 03051 Sao Paulo, Brazil. Telephone: 55-(011)-292-5811. Telex: 55-(011)-25-285.

Denim garments. Male/female pants, skirts, jackets and accessories. Contact Jean Thomas Bernardini, MacKeen Jean Industria e Comercio Importacao e

Exportacao de Roupas Ltda., Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 1084, 13o andar, Brazil. Telephone: 55-(011)-815-8700.

Woolen & cotton knitwear. Cardigans, trousers, pullovers, vests, skirts, T- shirts, gloves, scarves, etc. Contact China National Textiles Import/Export Corp., Beijing Knitwear Branch, No. 3 Hua Pi Chang, Xizhimen Nei, Beijing, China. Telex: 22607 PKNIT CN. Cable: PEKIKNIT Beijing.