ILA Strike Leaves Baltimore Untouched

ILA Strike Leaves Baltimore Untouched

The two-day work stoppage at all six container terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey spared the Port of Baltimore despite calls by the Philadelphia chapter of the International Longshoreman's Association for a walkout by ILA members at noon Wednesday.

Work was stopped at Phildelphia's Packer Avenue Terminal, which was picketed by members of ILA Local 1291 in Philadelphia, preventing the unloading of a Hamburg Sud container ship.

But service at the Port of Baltimore was not affected according to Richard Scher, a spokesman for the port. "We did have a small group of ILA picketers that traveled here from Philadelphia. Those individuals conducted an informational picket outside the Port of Baltimore but their actions did not interrupt any vessel activity," he said.

Pickets from the Philadelphia local caused work stoppages at the six container terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey on Tuesday and Wednesday until the pickets were called off Wednesday afternoon.

The Philadelphia local said its actions were in "solidarity" with their protest against the pending move by Del Monte Fresh Produce of 75 ship calls a year from an ILA terminal in Camden, N.J., to a non-ILA facility in Gloucester, N.J., that is owned by the Holt family.

Local 1291 said in a statement Wednesday that it had mounted the action to protest Del Monte's "attempt to break its 20-year contractual relationship with ILA Local 1291 in Philadelphia and sign with Dockworkers Local 1, a rogue 'union' that pays its workers slave wages with no benefits."

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