Georgia Ports Authority to Repower Cranes

Georgia Ports Authority to Repower Cranes

The Georgia Ports Authority will replace the engines on 17 of its older rubber-tired gantry cranes with more efficient engines that reduce carbon emissions as the result of the $2.72 million grant it has been awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency Diesel Emissions Reduction Act grant in conjunction with the National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program

The new Tier 3 diesel engines, which replace the older Tier 1 engines, can automatically switch from idle (about half of normal operating speed) to higher operating speeds and back to idle speed as needed to meet the variable load demands.

The GPA said the RTG repower project, as calculated by the EPA’s Diesel Emissions Quantifier, will reduce diesel emissions 33.29 percent or 24,829 tons over the lifetime of the 17 cranes. It will also reduce fuel consumption by 129,200 gallons annually.

“When we officially adopted the Environmental Policy last year, the GPA made a commitment to do everything it could to conduct port operations in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner,” said GPA’s Executive Director Curtis J. Foltz. “The new engines will increase fuel efficiency by burning cleaner, emitting less pollution and reducing fuel use per container.”

The GPA already converted its fleet of yard cranes, trucks and other container handling equipment to cleaner burning ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in June 2008, two and a half years before the Federal requirement.

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