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Trade leads on this page are listed according to type of lead. Codes preceding each industry/product heading represent classifications according to the Harmonized System of tariff codes published by the Bureau of the Census. An accompanying box outlines section product classifications under the HS codes.



U.S. firms should be aware that the listing here of opportunities to trade in specific commodities and technical data does not necessarily imply approval of their export by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of information included in this list, the Department of Commerce cannot assume responsibility for any erroneous data. Additionally, the government and its officers cannot assume responsibility for any transactions with the firms or individuals listed.

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355600 Peanut defatting process plant

Product data: For import of a defatting process plant for peanuts, i.e. extraction of oil contents from peanuts up to 40 percent without breaking kernel. Specifications/technical data, U.S. dollar value: NA. Quantity: one.

Purchase needed: asap.

Response data: From manufacturers only: yes. Language: English. Best way to respond: fax or telex. Information desired: willingness to supply product literature on defatting process plant for peanuts, technical specifications, price. Primary buying factor: superiority of plant.

Company data: Trackparts of India Ltd. (TIL) was established in 1969, as a public limited company, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is primarily engaged in manufacture of under carriage parts for crawler tractor, closed die steel forgings and plastic bags. Manufacturing facility is located in Udyog Nagar,

Kanpur. TIL imports its raw material supply from U.K. and Italy. In 1994-95, TIL has reported a total sales revenue of $5 million. Company is controlled by K.N. Bhargava, Chairman-Cum-Managing Director, who is well know in business,

financial and government circles. Employees: 437. Member of business chamber: Confederation of Indian Industries, New Delhi. Bank ref: State Bank of India, C&IB Division, Main Branch, Kanpur, U.P. U.S. firms represented: NA. Post contact: Opgupta.

Contact: Sanjay Nigam, Deputy Manager (Projects), Trackparts of India Ltd. (TIL), 4 Industrial Area, Govind Nagar, P.O. Udyognagar, Kanpur, U.P. 208022. Tel: 91 0512 295 038/295 039. Fax: 91 0512 295 808. Cable: Track,


Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCS TOP), American Embassy, New Delhi, Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20521-9000. Refer to: T0012.

India - Licensing in U.S.

722090 Flat-rolled stainless steel


Product data: Austenitic stainless steel for manufacturing blood lancets and syringe needles corresponding to: BS 301S21 and SS 2331. Specification/ technical data: NA. Quantity: 600 to 800 kg per month. U.S. dollar value: negotiable. Purchase needed: asap. Payment: irrevocable letter of credit. Shipping: cif Istanbul. Service contract: no.

Response data: From manufacturer only: yes. Language: English. Best way to respond: fax. Information desired: detailed specifications, price (cif Istanbul), quality. Firm is also interested in signing an agent/distributor agreement. Immediate purchase, long-term basis.

Company data: Maktav is a reputable marketing company engaged in medical equipment. By end of this year, firm will start building their own facilities to produce gloves and lancets. Established: 1990. Employees: 14. Annual sales: firm states that their sales for first six months of 1995 is a six digit number in U.S. dollars. Member of local chamber: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Bank ref: Akbank, Bahcekapi branch, Istanbul. Firm represents Protectair Ltd., England and Runlite SA, Belgium. They represent Sportshealth Products, U.S. Post contact: FSN Uiciloglu.

Contact: R. Hansin Akoral, Manager, Maktav Dis Ticaret Ltd., Emin Ali Yesim Sokak 7/A, 34270 Findikzade, Istanbul, Turkey. Tel: 90 212 531 0787. Fax: 90 212 525 0716.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCS TOP), American Consulate General, Istanbul, PSC 97, Box 0002, APO AE 09827-0002. Refer to: P00031.

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