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681120 Cement asbestos sheet

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, a government enterprise, has invited global tenders for supply of arc and heat resisting cement asbestos sheet; size: 1,220 mm. x 915 mm. x 5 mm. thk to specification no. 4TMS.000.022 alt-nil for 299 sheets. Arc and heat resisting cement asbestos sheet size: 1,220 mm. x 915 mm. x 7 mm. thk to specification no. 4TMS.000.022 alt-nil for 222 sheets. Tenderers are requested to state country of origin of goods, port of shipment, payments terms etc., furnish technical leaflet and other relevant data with their offer. Tender documents with details of specifications, terms and conditions available from Controller of Stores, 4 Chittaranjan Ave., Calcutta 700 072, West Bengal, India for US$5 drawn in favor of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Calcutta. Post contact: Swilliams.

Write to: Controller of Stores, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Calcutta 700 072, India. Refer to: tender no. 33/95/3222/Global. Deadline: 9/28/95.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCS TOP), American Consulate General, Calcutta, Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20521-6250. Refer to: T0017.

India - Foreign Government Tender