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Trade leads on this page are listed according to type of lead. Codes preceding each industry/product heading represent classifications according to the Harmonized System of tariff codes published by the Bureau of the Census.



U.S. firms should be aware that the listing here of opportunities to trade in specific commodities and technical data does not necessarily imply approval of their export by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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6103 Men's apparel

6104 Women's apparel

6403 Footwear

Product data: Women's/men's footwear with outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather and uppers of leather. Specifications/ technical data, quantity, U.S. dollar value: NA. Purchase needed: annually. End-user: retailers, consumers. Specializing in wholesale trade of men's/women's apparel, footwear, food. Close tights with retailers in other regions of Russia, CIS. Primarily interested in buying high-quality, rather expensive/fashionable apparel, footwear for upper-middle/middle class. Free premises for offices and store in center of Moscow; is interested in establishing, in cooperation with U.S. company, a joint brand-name store to sell U.S. goods.

Response data: From manufacturer only: no. Language: Russian/English. Best way to respond: fax. Information desired: specifications (catalogs), samples, price lists indicating prices cif Moscow, or cif St. Petersburg. Primary buying factor: competitive price, wider variety against European products. Has been purchasing apparel/footwear from Germany, Italy, Portugal.

Company data: Trading firm with manufacturing division. Established: 1989. Employees: 120. Annual sales: US$2,000,000. Member of business chamber, U.S. firms represented: NA. Bank ref: Bank "Help", Moscow, Russia. Trades apparel/footwear/foodstuffs of European firms. Would like to establish long- term relationship with U.S. manufacturer/wholesaler of apparel/footwear. Post contact: Moscow/Lmaksimova.

Contact: Yanina Mikhailovna Ilyina, Commercial, Director, Galla Ltd., 55 Lesnaya Str., 103053, Moscow, Russia. Tel: 7-095 251-3126, 7-095 973-1429. Fax: 7-095 973-3878.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Officer (TOP), American Embassy, Moscow, APO AE 09721. Refer to: P0002.

Russia - Direct Sale for Resale

7020 Glass colored throughout mass

having absorbent or reflecting layer

Product data: Prefabricated glass/Plexiglas enclosures for patios, terraces/ spas, swimming pools. Specifications/technical data: tinted glass/ Plexiglas, scratch-resistant. Stainless steel aluminum frames adjustable and/or easily cut to size of area. Quantity, service contract, U.S. dollar value: NA. Purchase needed: asap. Payment: cash wire transfer. Shipment: first shipment samples by air, second shipment cif Istanbul. End-user: residential/ commercial applications.

Response data: From manufacturers only: yes. Language: English. Best way to respond: fax. Information desired: price, delivery time, specifications of product, temperature-resistance, winter applications. Would like to obtain agent/distributorship. Primary buying factor: price, quality, applications required to cover/enclose each area. Purchase asap on long-term basis.

Company data: Marketing firm for construction equipment; importer of automobiles. Sales area: Turkey, new Turkoman states of CIS. Firm's international coordinator, Mr. Devine, is American well-known to post. Established: 1973. Employees: 65. Annual sales: NA. Member of local chamber: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Bank ref: Akbank, Ciftehavuzlar branch, Istanbul and Turk Ticaret Bankasi, Fatih branch, Istanbul. U.S. firms represented: Water Conditioning Systems Inc.

Contact: Roy W. Devine, International Coordinator, Basoglu Ticaret Ltd., Istasyon Caddesi, Goner Apt. 4/1, 81081 Goztepe, Istanbul, Turkey. Tel: 90-216 386-4934. Fax: 90-216 386-3656.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Officer (TOP), American Consulate General, Istanbul, PSC 97 Box 0002, APO AE 09827-0002. Refer to: P00001.

Turkey - Direct Sale for Resale

950699 Snowboards

640211 Snow boots

62112 Ski suits

Product data: Specification/technical data: suppliers of total snowboard goods that can provide same brand snowboard, boots, wear. Quantity: small samples, in future, may increase up to 1,000 snowboards/season. U.S. dollar value: negotiable. Purchase needed: samples by January 1994. Will participate in exhibition in March 1994; would like to promote snowboards/related goods at show. Therefore, would like to have samples asap. Exhibition is called ''Active Collection," an exhibition of snowboards, skate boards, surfboards, etc., scheduled from March 17-19, 1994, in Tokyo.

Response data: From manufacturers only: no. Language: English. Best way to respond fax. Information desired: full-color catalog, price list, company information. Primary buying factor price, design. Send company information, price list, photocopies of catalogs by fax. After review, will request copies of full-color catalogs.

Company data: Distributor of consumer goods. Established: 1987. Employees: five. Annual sales: US$1,952,380 as of May 1993. Member of business chamber: Tomobe Town Chamber of Commerce/Industry. Bank ref: Joyo Bank, Tomobe branch, 2-1-1 Higashi Daira, Tomobe-machi, Nishi Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki 309-17. U.S. firms represented: Fashion Victim, P.O. Box 14780, Chicago, Ill. 60614; Changing Times, 389 5th Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016; Globus Gifts Inc., 1140 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10001.

Post remarks: Number of snowboarders in Japan has increased over last couple of years. One Japanese trade newspaper estimates population of snowboarders is about 200,000-300,000 and that it will continue to grow. Since American snowboards well accepted by Japanese end-users, we believe there is very good potential for U.S. companies. Post contact: Mann/Taki/Ktakabatake.

Contact: Yasuhiro Sunaga, Sales Planning Director, Top Spot Co., 2-1-8-301 Higashi Daira, Tomobe-machi, Nishi Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki 309-17, Japan. Tel: 011-81 296-77-7569. Fax: 011-81 296-77-6321.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCS TOP), American Consulate General, Osaka-kobe, Unit 45004 Box 239, APO AP 96337. Refer to: P0002.

Japan - Direct Sale for Resale