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Trade leads on this page are listed according to type of lead. Codes preceding each industry/product heading represent classifications according to the Harmonized System of tariff codes published by the Bureau of the Census. An accompanying box outlines section product classifications under the HS codes.



U.S. firms should be aware that the listing here of opportunities to trade in specific commodities and technical data does not necessarily imply approval of their export by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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842139 Gas filters

SSGC invites bids for supply of gas filters for Asian Development Bank funded Sui Southern Gas System Rehabilitation & Expansion Project (ADB loan no. 1138- pk). Bid documents/specifications can be obtained from Chief Manager (Purchase), Sui Southern Gas Co., address below, for 1,000 Pakistani rupees/set, plus airmail/courier charges (RS 29.82=US$1).

Contact: Chief Manager (Purchase), Sui Southern Gas Co. (SSGC), State Life Building No. 2-A, Wallace Road, Off: I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Refer to: tender no. SSREP/DIST/ADB/013. Bid deadline: 11/10/93.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCS TOP), American Consulate General, Lahore, Unit 62216, APO AE 09812-2216. Refer to: T0036.

Pakistan - Foreign Government Tender

84312 Bulldozer spare parts

For Komatsu D53A 16 bulldozer (model D53A 16, Sr. no. 69085) 43 items. Prices quoted must remain firm/valid for 120 days minimum from closing date of tender. Procurement will be financed with current budget. Bid closing date: 10/29/93. In view of deadline, telex: 21230 AMBYGN BM, attn: Commercial Section in requesting bid invitation/specifications of T0043 to embassy. Provide full return addresses. Post has no reliable fax facilities.

Contact: Director General, Managing Director, Mining Enterprise No. (2), (Procurement Branch), Yankin P.O. Kanbe Road, Yangon, Myanmar. Telex: MCTWO BM 21511. Refer to: tender no. 57/93-94/2ME. Bid deadline: 10/29/93 16:30 hrs.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (TOP), American Embassy, Rangoon, Box B, APO AP 96546. Refer to: T0043.

Myanmar (Burma) - Foreign Government Tender

847191 Computer systems for identifying

fingerprints & criminal evidence

in general

Criminal Evidence & Investigation Department of Ministry of Interior to start using computers in identifying fingerprints/criminal evidence. Interested companies can participate in tender only through Egyptian registered commercial agents from public/private sector companies. Tender documents will be sold for UKE 1,000 (US$298.50) a copy. Price negotiation meeting will be held 11 a.m. 10/30/93 at address below. For details, contact Planning Department of Ministry of Interior, tel 20-2 3543846 or 20-2 3545908; fax 20-2 3541686.

Contact: Director General Criminal Evidence & Investigation, Department Ministry of Interior, 8 Mansour St., Bab el Louk, Cairo, Egypt. Refer to: tender no. NA. Bid deadline: 10/27/93.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCSTOP), American Embassy, Cairo Unit 64900, Box 11 APO AE 09839-4900. Refer to: T0080

Egypt - Foreign Government Tender

S1629 Harbor construction

Maldives has received loan from Asian Development Bank's special funds resources for second Male port development project. Consists of construction of alongside berth at outer reef margin of commercial harbor; provision of ancillary civil works, involving earthworks/paving to berth back-up area, additional lighting/power distribution, extension of fire main, seawall rehabilitation adjacent to berth/construction of marine workshop; provision of cargo-handling equipment, port service craft, workshop fittings/tools, navigation aids; consulting services including detailed design, preparation of tender documents, prequalification of bidders, bid evaluation, construction supervision, container movement/storage planning study. Executing agency will be Ministry of Foreign Affairs Male, Maldives, telex: 896 66008 MINEX MF.

Contact: Second Male Port Project, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Male, Maldives. Telex: 896 66008 MINEX MF. Refer to: 1226 SF.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCS TOP), American Embassy, Manila, APO AP 96440. Refer to: T0035.

Philippines - Foreign Government Tender