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U.S. firms should be aware that the listing here of opportunities to trade in specific commodities and technical data does not necessarily imply approval of their export by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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7392 Management, consulting,

public relations services

Product data: Detailed product description: management, economic consulting services. Product specifications/technical data: feasibility studies, economic, marketing studies, etc. Quantity: several per year. U.S. dollar value: NA. Purchase needed by: two to three months. Other information: firm desires association with U.S. consulting company to work on joint projects. Clients are private sector industrialists, commercial, service firms.

Response data: Response language: English. Best way to respond: fax. From manufacturers only: yes. Information desired from U.S. firm: year of establishment, size, annual revenues, experience in Middle East/GCC countries, type of studies done, previous clients. Primary buying factor: reputation, standing in industry. Other information: Firm wants to establish relationship asap that will be ongoing. Fax indication of interest, mail company information.

Company data: Type of business: service. Year established: 1992. Number of employees: one to nine. Annual sales: US$50,000-US$250,000. Member of business chamber: Riyadh Chamber. Bank refs: Riyadh Bank, P.O. Box 229, Riyadh 11411, fax: 9661 404 0095; Saudi Cairo Bank, P.O. Box 42647, Riyadh 11511, fax: 477 8533. U.S. firms represented: none. Other information: Newly established company plans to do management, economic consulting in Saudi Arabia, gulf countries.

Post remarks: Firm has already won one contract, but is seeking American consulting company with which they can associate to do future work. Post contact: Clary. Approved by: Freeman.

Contact: Khaled al-Saif, President, Al-Saif Management and Consult Office, P.O. Box 60944, Riyadh 11555, Saudi Arabia. Tel: 9661 465 1982. Fax: 9661 464 4668.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Section (FCS TOP), American Embassy, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, APO AE 09811-2112. Refer To: P0008.

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