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15171 Margarine

Product data: Detailed product description: margarine. Product specifications/ technical data: edible margarine to U.S. standards. Quantity: 5,000 mt per year. U.S. dollar value: NA. Purchase needed by: asap. Other information: NA.

Response data: Response language: English. Best way to respond: mail. From manufacturers only: yes. Information desired from U.S. firm: detailed product information and type of collaborative arrangement offered. Primary buying factor: interest of U.S. joint venture partner in offering the latest available technology. Other information: NA.

Company data: Type of business: Shalimar Industries Ltd. is manufacturer of jute and cotton, textile machinery accessories, ferrous wires and thermosetting engineering plastics. Year established: 1947. Number of employees: over 500. Annual sales: over US$5,000,000. Member of business chamber: Bharat Chamber of Commerce. Bank ref: State Bank of India, Calcutta; Dena Bank, Calcutta and Bank of India, Calcutta. U.S. firms represented: none. Other information: NA.

Post remarks: Shalimar Industries Ltd. is associate company of Satya Group, which is diversified business group with interests in paper, paper machinery, electricals, engineering, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, etc. Group companies have collaborations with number of Norwegian, German, French, British, Swiss, Finnish and U.S. firms. Under diversification program, SIL is interested in establishing margarine manufacturing unit with appropriate U.S. collaboration. Post contact: Smitra. Approved by: Caterini.

Contact: D.S. Jain, Chief Executive, Shalimar Industries Ltd., 25 Ganesh Chandra Ave., Calcutta 700013, India. Tel: 268201. Telex: 021 5639. Fax: 263880.

Please send a copy of your response to:

American Consulate General (FCS TOP), Calcutta, India, Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20521 6250. Refer to: P0002.

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