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4703210-040 Bleached kraft

softwood paper grade pulp

47071 Unbleached kraft softwood paper

grade pulp

4707200-040 Bleached short-fibered pulp

Product data: Detailed product description: HS 4703210040: bleached kraft softwood paper grade pulp for paper mills tested according to Tappi standard methods; HS 47071: unbleached kraft softwood paper grade pulp for paper mills tested according to Tappi standard methods; HS 4707200040: bleached short- fibered pulp for paper mills tested according to Tappi standard method. Product specifications/technical data: HS 4703210040: strength properties at 50 degrees SR, breaking length meters 7,500, burst factor 60, tear factor 150; HS 47071: strength properties at 50 degrees SR, breaking length 8,000, burst factor 60, tear factor 120; HS 4707200040: strength properties at 50 degrees SR, breaking length 4,500, burst factor 30, tear factor 40. Quantity: HS 4703210040: 20,000 mt/year; HS 47071: 20,000 mt/year; HS 4707200040: 20,000 mt/year. U.S. dollar value: unknown. Purchase needed by: early 1992. Other information: end user will be both public and private sector paper mills.

Response data: Response language: English. Best way to respond: fax. From manufacturers only: yes. Information desired from U.S. firm: acceptance to Grant Agency asap. Primary buying factor: price, delivery time. Other information: interested in long-term supplier.

Company data: Type of business: acts as agent for foreign firms. Year established: 1983. Number of employees: 12. Annual sales: US$12,000,000 during 1991. Member of business chamber: Alexandria Businessmens' Association; American Chemical Society (since 1954); Arab German Chamber of Commerce. Bank ref: Commercial International Bank, Rusdhy Branch, Alexandria. U.S. firms represented: Sunds Defibrator-Subsidiary of Sunds in Sweden. Other information: medium-sized private sector trading company specializing in marketing chemicals such as bleaching earth, catalysts, monoethylene glycol and match splints.

Post remarks: Dr. Mohamed Abdel Gelil was former chairman of Egyptian Starch, Yeast and Detergents Co., a large public sector concern. In 1983, he established Rymag to act as agent for European suppliers of industrial chemicals, paper and pulp machinery, textile machinery, and match splints. Dr. Gelil is interested in representing U.S. suppliers of wood pulp for the purpose of marketing such commodities in Egypt. He will be traveling to the United States in August 1992 to attend the American Chemical Society national meeting. During this trip, Dr. Abdel Gelil will call on U.S. suppliers after initial contact has been established. Post contact: John Abdelnour. Approved by: Maxim.

Contact: Dr. Mohamed Abdel Gelil, Chairman, Rymag, Gawza (1) Building, May 15th Square, Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: 203 4208707. Fax: 203 4226924.

Please send a copy of your response to:

Commercial Officer (TOP), American Consulate General, Alexandria, Egypt, APO AE 09839-4904. Refer to: P0055.

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