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Trade leads on this page are listed according to industry. Codes preceding each industry heading represent industry classifications according to the Numerical List of Manufactured Products (1972 SIC Basis) published by the Bureau of the Census. Codes beginning with 99 classify major projects, services and special product groups.



U.S. firms should be aware that the listing here of opportunities to trade in specific commodities and technical data does not necessarily imply approval of their export by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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Airport terminal services

The Directorate of Aeronautical Infrastructure has issued a call to parties interested in performing all ground-related services at the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, i.e. baggage handling, ground transportation for passenger boarding and disembarkation, etc. The winning bidder will be expected to provide its own equipment and will have a monopoly over these services at the airport. Tender documents can be purchased from the address below and cost approximately US$40. Use only fax or express international courier for contacts as the local mail system is unreliable.

Contact: Dora Melo, Encargada de Licitaciones, Camino Carrasco 5519, Dto. de Canelones, Uruguay. Tel: 5982 60 22 94. Fax: 5982 61 15 16. Refer to: Licitacion no. 02/91 del Ministerio de Defensa Nacional Para el Servicio de Tierra a Aeronaves. Bid deadline: 4/6/92 10 a.m.

Uruguay - Foreign Government Tender