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Trade leads on this page are listed according to industry. Codes preceding each industry heading represent industry classifications according to the Numerical List of Manufactured Products (1972 SIC Basis) published by the Bureau of the Census. Codes beginning with 99 classify major projects, services and special product groups.



U.S. firms should be aware that the listing here of opportunities to trade in specific commodities and technical data does not necessarily imply approval of their export by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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Chemicals, inorganic; synthetic

organic medicinal chemicals; food preparations, nec. (food additives)

Firm was founded in 1990. Employees: two. Sales area: Europe and Southeast Asia. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank Hamburg. It is interested in importing the following chemicals (only from manufacturers): calcium and sodium propionate; carboxymethylcellulose; casein glues; glyoxal resin 70; hot melts; resorcinol. Firm is also interested in antibiotics (SS-intermediates) and all kinds of food additives.

Contact: Johannes Atmadja, Proimex Import-Export Chemical Trading GmbH, Grandweg 53, D-2000 Hamburg 54. Tel: 40 5605372. Fax: 40 563624.

Germany - Direct Sale for Resale

Industrial inorganic chemicals;

hospital supplies

Delivery to the address below. Goods: tender A/13/91. Chemicals and reagents for the hospital's laboratories. Estimated value: 48,000,000 drachmas. Delivery deadline: call-off contract. Documents from the address below. Requests no later than: Feb. 14, 1992. Language(s): Greek. Deposits and guarantees: 5 percent. Qualifications: details of the information required on the contractor's position and of the minimum economic and technical standards may be obtained from the awarding authority at the address below. Tenders may lapse after: 150 days. For a copy of the tender documents, interested parties must contact the awarding authority directly. Do not contact the American Embassy for these documents.

Awarding Authority: Geniko Nosokomeio Paidon Pentelis, Ypiresia Promitheion, GR-152 36 Palaia Penteli. Tel: 1 803 04 02. Fax: 804 34 83. Suppl. of Off. Journal EC No. S239/29 of 12/18/91 (91/S239-38197/GR). Please note that this final group of numbers should be referenced in all correspondence with the awarding authority. Award procedure: public invitation to tender. Bid deadline: 2/19/92.

Greece - MTN Tender