Trade leads supplied by:

US Department of CommerceU.S. and Foreign Commercial Service

Room HCHB 3804, Washington, DC 20230


Trade leads on this page are listed according to industry. Codes preceding each industry heading represent industry classifications according to the Numerical List of Manufactured Products (1972 SIC Basis) published by the Bureau of the Census. Codes beginning with 99 classify major projects, services and special product groups.



U.S. firms should be aware that the listing here of opportunities to trade in specific commodities and technical data does not necessarily imply approval of their export by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of information included in this list, the Department of Commerce cannot assume responsibility for any erroneous data. Additionally, the government and its officers cannot assume responsibility for any transactions with the firms or individuals listed.

For details on grade qualifications pertaining to Japanese tenders, contact Office of Japan, U.S. Department of Commerce (202) 377-2425. Commerce receives

from the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo the monthly revised Procedures Manual for Tenders to the government of Japan.

For more information, contact your local District Office of the U.S. Department of Commerce (listed in the Blue Pages of the telephone book) or call 1-800-343-4300, Operator 940.

20 Food & Kindred

Products Mfrs.

Ice cream, frozen yogurt

Firm is seeking a franchise agreement to produce ice cream and/or frozen yogurt locally.

Fax to: Miss Auamporn Jirakijanusorn/Proj. Div., Osothsapha (Teck Heng Yoo) Co., 2100 Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkok 10240, Thailand. Tel: 374-0121 or 374-0151. Telex: 82017 THYTH. Fax: (662) 374-7014.

Thailand - Joint Venture

22 Textile Mill Products

Men's and women's T-shirts woven as outer garment, with various printed patterns, chiefly cotton; leather goods

With regard to T-shirts, firm would like to have information on minimum quantity that can be shipped. Bank ref: Michinoku Bank, Sendai Branch, 2-3-20, Ichiban-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980.

Write to: Takashi Kawashima, President, Rumina Kawashima Co., 1-1-30-1105, Kakyoin, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980, Japan. Tel: 022-2222123. Fax: 022-2229676.

Japan - Direct Sale for Resale

28 Chemicals & Allied

Products Mfrs.

Alumina substrates

Bank ref: Aomori Bank, Misawa Branch, 1-2-3, Chuo-cho, Misawa 033.

Write to: Shigeru Hidaka, President, Nikkohm Co., Minami-cho, Misawa 033, Japan. Tel: 0176-532105. Fax: 0176-532106.

Japan - Direct Sales to End-User

Manganese sulfide

First purchase of 1 ton. If acceptable, approximately 2,000 metric tons a year would be needed.

Fax: Jose M. Castresana, Steelmaking Department, Acenor I and D SA, Simon

Bolivar 7, 48010 Bilbao (Vizcaya), Spain. Tel: 344/4406311. Fax: 344/4407884.

Spain - Direct Sales to End-User

Fine inorganic chemicals; fine organic chemicals; chemical catalysts

Fax: Jorge Peirano Barrios, Commercial Director, Krause Espanola SRL, Canoa 21 2nd D, 28042 Madrid, Spain. Tel: 341/7425492. Fax: 341/3203367.

Spain - Distributorship

Pharmaceuticals; medical laboratory equipment; medical and laboratory disposables; chemical raw materials

Contact: Mamdouh Sabbagh, Chief Executive Officer, S. Sabbagh Wholesale Druggist, P.O. Box 346, Amman, Jordan. Tel: 623158, 642963, 642945. Telex: 21529 SABAGH JO. Fax. (00962) (6) 627376.

Jordan - Direct Sales to End-User

Accelerators and antioxidants;


Write to: Paul Arizaga, Chemical Engineer, Suministros Quimicos C.A., Apartado (Box) 1108, Valencia, Edo. Carabobo, Venezuela. Tel: (58) (41) 210-942.

Venezuela - Agency

Water treatment chemicals; chlorination, water; dechlorination, water; mineralization compounds; reverse osmosis water desalination units

Write to: Siddik Ahmed, Commercial Manager, United Technical Services, P.O. Box 277, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Tel: (971) (2) 774400. Telex: 22643. Fax: 722012.

United Arab Emirates - Direct Sale for Resale

31 Leather & Leather

Products Mfrs.

Luggage; women's handbags and purses; leather goods; consumer goods Write to: Moutaz Kaissi, General Manager, Al Jallaf Trading, P.O. Box 6193, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Tel: (971) (2) 344300. Telex: 23220. Fax: 344366.

United Arab Emirates - Direct Sale for Resale

32 Stone, Clay, Glass &

Concrete Products Mfrs.

Gypsum building materials; interior products-sound-deadening board; miscellaneous acyclic chemicals

Seeks to contact U.S. manufacturers/suppliers of gypsum boards, structural insulating board such as sound deadening materials and diphenylmathane 4-4 diisocyanate (m.d.i.).

Fax: Jung Kun Yoon, President, Kobo Corp., Suite 405 Daewoong B/d, 56-19, Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul 135-010, South Korea. Tel: (02) 546-8628. Fax: (02) 514-0337.

Republic of Korea - Direct Sale/Agency

35 Machinery Mfrs.

Trailers; cultivation equipment; vehicles; light construction equipment

The purchase is financed by African Development Bank. Bidding documents can be obtained against payment of non-refundable fee of US$100.00 for each tender

from Finchaa Sugar Project Office.

Write to: Finchaa Sugar Project Office, P.O. Box 5734, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tel: 512557, 512852, 512549. Telex: 21857 FINSPO ET. Fax: 512911. Deadline: 05/10/90.

Ethiopia - Foreign Government Tender

Farm tractors; mowers; sprinkler systems; agricultural equipment, seeds, pumps

Write to: Ismail Omeir, Sales Manager, Al Ankood Agricultural Est., P.O. Box 3977, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Tel: (971) (2) 477300. Fax: (971) (2) 474014.

United Arab Emirates - Direct Sale for Resale

Replacement and extension of the existing pneumatic document dispatch system, reusing the present tubing, at NATO headquarters, Brussels

Write to: NATO, Purchasing & Contracting Services, Office J.145, Autoroute Bruxelles-Zaventem, 1110 Brussels, Belgium. Refer to: IFB 1990/13. Bid deadline: 04/30/90.

Brussels - Foreign Government Tenders

Auto body repair and auto repair

shop tools; automotive maintenance


Write to: Jose de los Reyes Perez Huelva, Managing Director, Tecnicas Diferentes SL, Astun 11, 50180 Utebo (Zaragoza), Spain. Tel: 3476/772999.

Spain - Distributorship

Special machinery to process acid into acetate

Firm needs an offer for its client of a turnkey project including the know- how to process acetic acid into acetate that is the fiber contents of cigarette filters.

Write to: Julius Murty, Director, Jln. Pejagalan No. 141, (P. Jayakarta),

Blok 1-G, Jakarta 10370, Indonesia. Tel: 62-97578; 65-9811-5. Telex: 41221 JEMA JKT. Fax: 62-21-629-4853.

Indonesia - Direct Sale for Resale

Machinery to manufacture air-

conditioning filters

Firm is interested to manufacture locally air filtrations, bag filters, Duracel filters and pulses used in air-conditioning systems.

Write to: Ibrahim Sleiman, UTS Carrier, P.O. Box 3977, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Tel: (971) (2) 724243. Telex: 22508. Fax: 725461.

United Arab Emirates - Direct Sale for Resale

36 Electrical & Electronic

Machinery, Equipment &

Supply Mfrs.

Photovoltaic solar cells, modules and panels

Write or fax: E. Nieth, Production Manager, Bachofen AG, Ackerstrasse 42, CH- 8610 Uster. Tel: (41) (1) 944 11 11. Fax: (41) (1) 944 12 33.


Antenna systems

Southern Communications is seeking a source of antenna for cellular telephones for motor vehicle and marine craft applications.

Write to: Stuart Clarke, General Manager, Southern Communications (1979) Ltd., P.O. Box 22-092, Otahuhu, Auckland. Tel: (64-9) 2766176. Fax: (64-9) 2766674.

New Zealand - Other Direct Sale

All products related to radiology

Bank ref: Bancomer, Mexico, D.F.

Contact: Manuel Michel L., Director, Abastecedora Michel Ross SA de CV, Coscomate 59, Col. Toriello Guerra, 14050 Mexico, D.F. Tel: 573-4029. Fax: 573-0822.

Mexico - Distributorship

37 Transportation

Equipment Mfrs.

Four hovercrafts to be used as ferryboats for vehicles and passengers (two 200-person capacity and two 100-person capacity)

Write to: Ahmed Fouad Quassim, Manager, Alexandria International Trading and Contracting Center, P.O. Box 417 Ibrahimia, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: 5460094. Telex: 54213 WASIM UN attn (AITCC) Ahmed Quassim.

Egypt - Direct Sales to End-User

Recreational type travel trailers; camping trailers

Bank ref: Michinoku Bank, Shinjo Branch, 231-8, Hiraoka, Shinjo, Aomori 038, Japan.

Write to: Michiaki Fujibayashi, President, Bluetech Co., 225-58, Hiraoka, Shinjo, Aomori 030-02, Japan. Tel: 0177-881221. Fax: 0177-881288.

Japan - Direct Sale for Resale

38 Measuring, Analyzing &

Controlling Instruments;

Photographic, Medical &

Optical Goods; Watch &

Clock Mfrs.

Plated copper tester; laboratory climatic test chamber; family tester; gain- phase analyzer; curve tracer with printer Write to: T.A. Ananthanarayanan, Manager (Materials Management), Hindustan Teleprinters Ltd., G.S.T. Road, Guindy, Madras 600 032, India. Ref to: HT/MM/ETP/IGI-CAP.EQP./89-90.

India - Direct Sale for Resale

Optical equipment; analytical and scientific instruments, except optical

Optical test equipment incl. standard sources, modulators, optical comparators, interferometers; optical microscopes; optical components, incl. mirrors, filters, gratings, coatings, Kerr cells, etc.; unmounted lenses; photographic lenses; other mounted lenses.

Write to: Arie Kuper, Sales Manager, Arda Equipment & Technologies Ltd., P.O. Box 44035, Tel Aviv 61440, Israel. Tel: 972-3-813599. Fax: 972-3-816321. Telex: 341730 ARD.

Israel - Agency

Basket stretchers; peep-valves for respiration bags; laryngoscopes, plastic

Fax: Dieter Lehne, Rescue-Wed Ambulance GmbH, Fruehlingstrasse 14, D-8751 Moemlingen. Tel: (011) (49) 6022-31804. Fax: (011) (49) 6022-31709.

West Germany - Direct Sale for Resale

Heat-sensitive paper for use in

telefax machines

Ottofin is interested in representing a U.S. manufacturer as an exclusive agent for Argentina and Uruguay. They will import both the finished product and paper in large rolls for local cutting.

Write to: Lic. Pablo Spindler, Director, Ottofin S.A.C.I.F.E.I., Esmeralda 77, Piso 3, 1035 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel: (54) (1) 34-0922. Fax: 331-4386.

Argentina - Direct Sale and Exclusive Agency

39 Misc. Mfg. Industries

Infant and pre-school toys; educational toys; greeting cards

Write to: Fadhel Khan, Managing Director, Liwa Trading Enterprises, P.O. Box 46611, Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates. Tel: (971) (2) 773300, 773340. Telex: 23499 ABNAAS EM. Fax: 770003.

United Arab Emirates - Direct Sale for Resale

Game fishing lure skirts

Company seeks a U.S. supplier of PVC skirts 203 to 254 millimeters (8 to 10 inches) long for game fishing lures. Current supplies from Japan are unsuitable for attachment to the lures.

Write to: G. Probert, Director, G & P Probert Pty. Ltd., Shop 4 & 5, Port Marina, Park Street, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444, Australia. Tel: 61-65-84-9972. Fax: 61-65-83-5797.

Australia - Distributorship

Iron works for shoes, metal

and plastic types

Bank ref: Bancomer SNC, Sucursal No. 61 Inguaran. Purchase in cash or through irrevocable letter of credit. Correspondence may be in English.

Write to: Ricardo Grinhaus, General Manager, Maquinaria Metalmecanica, Norte 48 No. 5LQZ, Col. la Joyita, 07860 Mexico, D.F. Tel: (905) 537-0681 and 537-0099. Fax: (905) 537-0580.

Mexico - Representation (Undesignated)

50-51 Wholesalers

Waste paper

Contact: Ms. Intira Javevong, Sahamit Machinery Co., 123 Saladaeng Road, North Sathorn, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. Tel: 236-0233 or 235-0614. Telex: 82975 SAHAMIT TH. Fax: (662) 236-7374.

Thailand - Direct Sales Lead

Self-adhesive paper; ultraviolet ink; photopolymer films

Company also may expand in its production into carton manufacturing. This would require purchasing machinery and raw materials for this new line of carton printing. Materials needed include: self-adhesive paper reels (dimension: width 2,058 q/j, length 1,000 running meters rm - value approx. $250,000; self-adhesive PVC film (dimensions as above); self-adhesive PE films (dimensions as above); ultraviolet ink (value approx. $50,000); photopolymer films used to produce plates for printing the reels (value approx. $25,000). The firm's present manufacturing machine is the Gallus R200 B01 type. The firm is also interested in locating U.S. importers of printed reels for industry purposes.

Contact: Mamdouh Sabbagh, Chief Executive Officer, Modern Printing World, P.O. Box 346, Amman, Jordan. Tel: 623158, 642963, 642945. Telex: 21529 SABAGH JO. Fax: (962) (6) 627376.

Jordan - Direct Sales to End-User

90-99 Governmental


Vessel tour operators

Firm is interested in a joint venture arrangement with U.S. firms to conduct vessel tours in the Persian Gulf countries.

Write to: Abdel Ghaffar el Dawi, Masaood Marine Transport, P.O. Box 2409, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Tel: (971) (2) 701688. Telex: 22249.

United Arab Emirates - Direct Sale for Resale

Seawater desalination plants;

seawater pumps

Supply of two seawater desalination plants with a capacity of 10 tons an hour each as well as two seawater pumps to feed these units. Tender documents costing $63 available from address below. The U.S. Consul in Oran can obtain documents on behalf of U.S. firms on payment of cost of documents plus $50 user fee to cover expenses. To expedite service, request should be by telex (22310 AMCORN DZ) including Visa/MasterCard number and expiration date. Offer to remain valid 90 days past bid deadline.

Submit offers in French only and by registered air mail to: Departement Technique, Complexe GP1/Z, Sonatrach, B.P. No. 39 Bethioua, Arzew, Oran, Algeria. Tel: (6) 371600; 375800. Telex: 12045; 12968. Refer to: tender no. 007/90.

Algeria - Other Tenders

Geothermal project

The National Power Corp. (Napocor) has received a World Bank loan (no. 2969-1 PH) to finance the cost of the Bacon-Manito geothermal project. Part of the proceeds of this loan will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for the supply of line materials for San Esteban-Bantay-Laoag 115-kv transmission line. Napocor invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the supply of: schedule I - steel towers; schedule II - power conductors; schedule III - overhead and tower footing ground wires; schedule IV - suspension insulators; schedule V - line hardwares, accessories and tools.

Further information and bid documents available at the Office of the Manager, Projects Contracts Committee Secretariat, National Power Corp. Telex: 40120. Complete set of bid documents available on submission of a written application payment of non-refundable fee of 1,000 pesos a set. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the amount of not less than 2.5 percent of the cif bid price per schedule.

Write to: F.T. Delgado, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Nuclear, National Power Corp., Quezon Ave. cor. Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1100. Bid no: SP89DLM-915. Bid opening: 05/23/90 11 a.m.

Philippines - Foreign Government Tender

Hotel equipment and supplies

Write to: Moutaz Kaissi, General Manager, Al Jallaf Trading, P.O. Box 6193, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Tel: (971) (2) 344300. Telex: 23220. Fax: (971) (2) 344366.

United Arab Emirates - Direct Sale for Resale