Sears Agrees to Sell

Western Auto DivisionSears, Roebuck and Co. said it agreed to sell Midland International, an electronics division of Western Auto Supply Co., to Glenayre Electronics Ltd. of Vancouver, Canada, for $35 million.

Sears acquired Western Auto, a Kansas City-based auto-parts and hardware chain, earlier this year for about $400 million.

Midland is a major supplier of equipment for the wireless communications industry with facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, and is a significant supplier of land mobile radios and associated equipment to Glenayre.

Girl Scout Cookies Get

Japanese Tariff Waiver

TOKYO - Five van-loads of Girl Scout cookies finally got past Japanese customs inspectors and into the hands of the U.S. Navy after a persistent Brownie troop resorted to diplomacy to get their shipment delivered.

The cookies arrived at the New Tokyo International Airport at Narita and were taken by vans to the Atsugi Naval Air Station to be forwarded to sailors aboard the USS Midway.

Brownie troop 807 in Beeville, Texas, sold 402 boxes of cookies to the crew of the Midway, with free shipment provided by American Airlines.

The plan crumbled, however, when Japanese customs officials said they would have to levy a $2,000 duty on the cookies. The cookies were returned to Texas.

Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, D-Texas, stepped in and went through diplomatic channels to clear up the matter, and the Japanese agreed to let the cookies into the country as long as they were not sold locally.

US Software Firms

Are Bullish on Ireland

SAN FRANCISCO - Eight U.S. software companies, most of them from the West Coast, plan facilities in Ireland, the Irish Industrial Development Authority said.

We've had lots of software companies, and now we have a West Coast presence, authority Vice President Anthony Jones said last week during a visit to San Francisco.

The companies include Claris Corp., Mountain View, Calif.; Logitech of Sausalito, Calif.; SBT Corp., Sausalito, Calif.; Retix, Santa Monica, Calif.; Programming Network Inc., Balso Chica, Calif.; Microsoft Corp., Bellevue, Wash.; Quark International, Denver; and Ashton-Tate, Torrance, Calif.