Adobe, Matsushita

Ink Software AccordMOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Adobe Systems Inc. said Wednesday it has signed an agreement with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. giving the Japanese firm licensing rights to use part of Adobe's PostScript computer software system.

PostScript is a computer language that helps people compose and produce high-quality printed pages. Matsushita's license is for use of the PostScript interpreter, which is the part of the PostScript language that tells the computer's printing machine how to print what the computer screen shows.

James J. Finn Named

1988 Exporter of Year

NEW YORK - James J. Finn, president of Marine Biologicals Inc. of Marmora, N.J., was honored Wednesday as the Small Business Administration's 1988 Exporter of the Year.

Mr. Finn's company makes a biological agent used to help diagnose for detection of bacteria in pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. The company now exports its products to 16 countries including England, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Canada.