Taiwan's Corn Imports

Expected to IncreaseTaiwan's corn import growth rate may rise in coming years to meet expanding livestock needs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said in its weekly roundup of world production and trade.

Taiwan's corn imports have risen 20 percent in four years to an estimated 3.7 million metric tons in 1987-88. Future imports will be aided by recent changes in Taiwan's bulk grain import system, the USDA said.

In the past four years, U.S. corn has accounted for at least 85 percent of Taiwan's corn imports, with South Africa providing most of the rest. Future South African shipments may decline, however, as that government has implemented policies to discourage corn production and reduce exports, the USDA said.

EC Oilseed Crushers

Hit US Export Bonus

WASHINGTON - European Community oilseed crushers and processors have sent a letter to members of the U.S Congress protesting the U.S. Department of Agriculture's export bonus initiatives for vegetable oils, the USDA said in its weekly roundup of world production and trade.

The USDA has offered 585,000 metric tons of vegetable oil under the export bonus program to compete against subsidized competitors. EC oilseed policies subsidize oilseed production, crushing and exports.

Philippines to Import

Rice to Meet Shortage

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines faces a rice shortage and must import 260,000 tons because low rainfall last year resulted in an 8.7 percent decline in domestic production, a senior agriculture official said.

Conrado Gozun, undersecretary of agriculture, told a House subcommittee that merchants already were hoarding rice in anticipation of a market shortage.