Evergreen ships ISPS- compliant

Evergreen ships ISPS- compliant

The Evergreen Group said Tuesday that all vessels in its fleet have been certified as complying with the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code since May 31.

All its chartered vessels are also ISPS-compliant or are awaiting the arrival of the official certificate, according to Barbara Yeninas, a spokesperson for the group. All charter vessels are expected to have certificates on board by the deadline, July 1.

All ports of call in North America for the group also are either already certified or awaiting the final certification from the United States Coast Guard.

The overwhelming majority of Evergreen's ports of call are also well on their way to ISPS compliance, Yeninas added. "However, we have established a security standard that all our vessels when calling at a non-compliant port facility will take necessary security measures."

The additional security measures include: setting a higher MARSEC (Maritime Security) level (for the ship; MARSEC is a security standard aligned with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's terror alert levels); executing a Declaration of Security (with the non-compliant facility); logging all security actions in the ship s logs, and reporting the actions taken, either within the NOA (Notice of Arrival) or directly to the cognizant Captain of the Port for the U.S. port of arrival.

Evergreen said that for cargo that passes through a non-compliant facility, it has established the procedures to provide the most secure environment possible. To date the U.S. Coast Guard has indicated that this effort is considered "very positive" and would likely aid access of Evergreen s vessels to U.S. ports.

Evergreen said in April it voluntarily permitted boarding of its vessels by the Coast Guard for inspections, and that to date, more than 29 vessels have been inspected and have passed.