Drewry Names Damas a Director

Drewry Names Damas a Director

Drewry Shipping Consultants appointed Philip Damas a director of the company, with responsibility for developing Drewry Supply Chain Advisors, the specialist supply chain consulting practice within the London-based Drewry group.

Damas will also be responsible for further improving specialist market intelligence and cost benchmarks for international logistics, including Drewry's freight rate benchmarks. The Journal of Commerce publishes Drewry’s spot rate benchmark for Hong Kong to Los Angeles in its weekly By the Numbers [http://www.joc.com/by-the-numbers] section.

Damas joined Drewry in 2005 from American Shipper with many years of experience of analyzing the international logistics challenges of exporters and importers in Europe, the Americas and Asia,

Drewry Supply Chain Advisors provides advice to companies with supply chains involving international transport (shipping, air freight, road and rail), including the interface with distribution centers and inland transport at the point of origin and destination, as well as advice to investors and lenders for logistics projects.

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