ADDITIONS TO FOLKLORE AND HANDICRAFT PRODUCTS FROM PAKISTAN. The U.S.-Pakistan bilateral agreement has been amended to include additional folklore and handicraft products.

The items below, added to the folklore and handicraft items as Pakistan Items, items are exempt from quota when properly certified by the government of Pakistan prior to exportation.All Pakistan items must be cut, sewn or otherwise fabricated by hand in the cottage industry of Pakistan in order to qualify for exemption.

The items are:

* Shalwar - loose, baggy pants at waist with drawstring. Narrows down to ankle, which has cuffs or elastic.

* Pyjama - a pair of trousers, loose at waist, with either drawstring or hooks and tapering to a tight fit at ankle. It is traditionally a moghul costume worn by a Punjabi women since the 16th century along with a kurta and dupatta (an oblong scarf).

* Chaddi - plain shorts worn by young and old as the national outfit while playing kabadi games. Worn in plain or printed fabric. Has drawstring at waist and two side pockets.

* Plain Kurta - strip susi shirt made in full sleeve. Has front pocket. Worn in short and ankle length.

* Punjabi Kamiz - Sargodha ladies tunic. Comes with embroidery, knee length.

* Roomal - headgear made up of printed or embroidered fabrics. Worn by devout Muslims, both men and women.

* Sleeveless kurta - shisa top from Peshwar, made from natural khaddar, with mirror work and embroidery.

* Ghagra - Koprapar langha. It's a drawstring skirt with bandni-printed desifn worn by people living in the Koprapar suburb of Karachi. Comes in knee and ankle length.

FILING OF FORM ITA-370P FOR THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. It is recommended that importers who intend to use the Caribbean Basin Initiative Special Access Program - should one be established - for categories 338/339, 342/642, and 647/648 from the Dominican Republic, should begin using form ITA-370P to accompany their shipments of U.S.-formed cut fabric parts exported from the United States.

Customs will sign the first section of this ITA-370P form.

Until further notice, it is stressed that all shipments from these categories will still require a visa issued by the Dominican Republic and be subject to quota restraint levels, if any are applicable.

Entry cannot be made under the CBI Special Access Program until guaranteed access levels are established. Importers will be notified when a guaranteed access level has been agreed to.

In the meantime, if importers want to qualify for the CBI Special Access Program, should it be approved, a form ITA-370P must be on file with U.S. Customs.

PROBLEM RESOLUTION DESK FOR TRADE SENSITIVE ENTRIES - NEW YORK DISTRICT. The Duty Import Specialist at John F. Kennedy Airport is now working in conjunction with the Trade Inspector.

The functions of the Duty Import Specialist's office, established to address matters of classification and value, also have been expanded to include a problem resolution desk for trade sensitive entries.

The new unit will research inquiries from the public concerning the examination and release of trade-sensitive merchandise. If applicable, the unit also will approve duplicate Delivery Authorized Documents for trade sensitive merchandise.

The unit may be reached at (718) 917-1585. It is located in Entry Services on the first floor of Building No. 178.