NEW EPA REGULATIONS FOR NON-CONFORMING VEHICLES. The Environment Protection Agency's revised regulations for non-conforming import vehicles will become effective July 1, 1988. The applicable Customs Regulations, 19 CFR 12.73, are being revised to conform to the EPA regulations.

The proposed revisions will be published for comment within 30 to 60 days.The revised regulations permit, except for certain specified exceptions, only independent commercial importers who hold valid certificates of conformity issued by EPA to import non-conforming vehicles.

A direct distribution of pamphlets explaining the new regulations will be made to the field. Questions should be directed to the EPA, Mobile Source Enforcement Branch, (202) 382-2504.

STATISTICAL REPORTING ON REJECTED ENTRY SUMMARIES: NON-ABI ENTRY SUMMARIES. A statistical copy of the CF 7501 is not to be submitted when a rejected entry summary is resubmitted. This applies only to non-Automated Broker Interface entry summaries.

Customs personnel will inform the bureau of the Census of corrections to statistical data when necessary.

Customs has found that some entry filers are submitting a corrected statistical copy when a rejected entry summary is resubmitted, resulting in duplicate reporting of statistical data to Census.

ABI brokers still must transmit corrected information when an entry summary or entry/entry summary is rejected. Non-ABI brokers still must supply a corrected statistical copy of the 7501 when resubmitting a rejected entry/ entry summary (a live entry).

CERTIFICATION OF MARKING ON CF 4647. Importers should be advised that merchandise that has been found to be not legally marked must not be disposed of until a determination has been made with respect to the acceptability of the marking, and the CF 4647 has been completed by the Import Specialist.

Submission of a false or inaccurate certification of marking may result in seizure of merchandise or a claim for monetary penalty, as provided for in C.R. 134.52 (d).