Court orders Israeli ports opened

Court orders Israeli ports opened

After an Israeli court ordered the country's strike-bound ports re-opened, the government and its largest labor union agreed to resume negotiations to end the job action that has all but shut down export shipments.

The Finance Ministry and the Histadrut, the General Federation of Labor, on Friday agreed on a 100-day cooling-off period to restart negotiations over restructuring of the ports.

The National Labor Court on Oct. 9 ordered striking government port employees back to work, suspended the government's dismantling of the Port Authority, and directed both sides back to the bargaining table.

Port workers agree to return to work while the government would for the time being halt proceedings on privatization legislation that began to work its way through the Knesset on Oct. 9.

The talks will aim to craft a new contract covering workers rights; work conditions; job security; labor relations and pensions following the restructuring of the ports.