Corpus Christi creating jobs, revenue

Corpus Christi creating jobs, revenue

An economic impact study shows that the Port of Corpus Christi is a job creator and a driver of both business and tax revenues.

The report, authored by Martin Associates of Lancaster, Pa., compared the ports economic impact today to 1994. Nine years later, the 2003 report showed increases in jobs, taxes, and business revenue. In 1994, the Port created 30,927 jobs; generated $66.4 million in state and local taxes; and provided $1 billion in business revenue.

The study found that the port now creates approximately 39,905 jobs, and provides $2.2 billion in income (direct, induced, and indirect wages and salaries) for families throughout Texas' Coastal Bend.

Port operations generate $1.3 billion of revenue for businesses providing services to the Port and port industries, the study found, and more than $195.4 million was paid in state and local taxes due to port-generated activity.

Tonnage at the port grew by 7 million tons over the nine-year period. Increasing by 4.7 million tons over the last nine years, petroleum and petrochemicals continue to be the port's top commodity; however, the report said that the port's diversification efforts are working.

Military cargo became a key break bulk commodity for the port in 2003, when more than 33 military vessels were loaded with military equipment, including helicopters, Humvees, trucks, tracked vehicles, and containers. Military outloading continues in 2004.