CargoSmart Launches EU Import Filing Service

CargoSmart Launches EU Import Filing Service

CargoSmart, a provider of logistics software, Tuesday introduced an Import Control System filing service that will allow ocean carriers to comply with the upcoming European Union Regulation 1875/2006, also known as the EU’s 24-hour rule.

The EU regulation requires ocean carriers to file Entry Summary Declarations for shipments bound for the EU starting on Jan. 1.

Carriers will be responsible for submitting the filings through the EU’s Import Control System no later than 24 hours before vessel loading at the foreign port for deep sea containerized shipments and two hours before vessel arrival for short sea shipments. If the ENS is not filed in a timely manner or if the data is inaccurate or incomplete, carriers may be subject to penalties and shippers may face supply chain delays from customs holds.

News from JOC on EU rule changes:
World Shipping Council Briefs US Shippers on EU Rules .

CargoSmart said its ICS software allows customers to comply with the regulation, improve compliance through analytic dashboards, and save time, development effort, and costs to integrate and maintain system connections to meet multiple countries’ filing requirements.

Cosco Container Lines has selected CargoSmart’s ICS Solution to manage its filings for seven European entry ports, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Malta, France, Romania, Slovenia, and Cyprus.

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