California Gov. George Deukmejian has signed an executive order to coordinate and expand the state's international trade network.

The move is designed to recognize the growing importance of international trade in the California economy.Among the steps outlined in the order, dated April 10, are moves to boost business promotion in the state, coordinate trade efforts among the different state agencies and enhance the activities of the World Trade Commission.

A position of governor's trade representative is being established. The senior staff position in the governor's office will direct California's five overseas trade offices as well as other executive programs related to trade, the international economy and international relations.

California now has overseas offices in Tokyo, London, Mexico City, Frankfurt and Hong Kong.

The trade representative also will advise the governor on state, national and international policy related to trade.

The executive order also creates a coordinating council for trade and investment. This body, made up of the state's directors of international programs and chaired by the trade representative, is designed to coordinate interagency coordination.

The executive order outlines several reasons why trade is important for the state and why state efforts should be reorganized.

"California's economic prosperity, now and in the future, is strategically linked to the international economy," the order said.

In addition, Executive Order D-84-90 added, California is the nation's top exporting state with trade accounting for an estimated 10 percent of the state's payroll. Foreign direct investment in the state now exceeds $43 billion and provides approximately 325,000 jobs.

In order to maximize its trade efforts, California has moved to ''globalize" all economic development programs, the state said, a move that has greatly expanded assistance to California's exporters.

Robert T. Monagan, chairman of California's World Trade Commission, said in a telephone interview that the executive order codified some practices already in place and also created a system that future administrations could walk into.

California's governorship is up for election in November, and Gov. Deukmejian has stated he will not run for re-election.

Mr. Monagan said he expects California exports to post increases this year over the records set in 1989. Although the state may see some impact from the rising U.S. dollar relative to the yen, this should be offset by growing domestic purchases in Japan, he said.