APL Ships to Use Cleaner Fuel At Hong Kong

APL Ships to Use Cleaner Fuel At Hong Kong

APL will begin using cleaner-burning fuel in the 85 ships that call at Hong Kong every week, sharply reducing the carrier's emissions at the port.  

APL said Tuesday the decision to use low-sulfur fuel will cut sulfur dioxide emissions from ships at port by 87 percent. Sulfur dioxide is a component of acid rain.

APL vessels at berth will convert to low-sulfur fuel in auxiliary generators that power shipboard electrical systems. Low-sulfur fuel is more expensive than the diesel fuel typically burned, but better for the environment.

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“We have a large presence in Hong Kong and with that comes the responsibility to be a good corporate citizen,” said George Goldman, vice president and managing director for APL in Hong Kong and South China. “We’re taking this step unilaterally to make the point that global trade growth and environmental health are not mutually exclusive goals.”

APL will begin converting vessels to the new fuel this month. Since 2007, APL has used low-sulfur in ships calling at the Ports of Los Angeles and Seattle. As with Hong Kong, the switch to cleaner fuel at those locations was also voluntary.

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