Amsterdam Completes Rail Link to Germany

Amsterdam Completes Rail Link to Germany

The Port of Amsterdam said the Betuweroute rail connection was completed this week, giving the port a dedicated cargo rail track towards Germany and into Europe.

The connection expands the port's railway connections to the European hinterland and enables it to benefit from the rising interest in rail as a sustainable transport alternative.

The connection was completed this week with the opening of the link to the Betuweroute near Meteren/Geldermalsen, which is intended for the city of Amsterdam.

The rail timetables have been adjusted so that trains carrying cargo form the port of Amsterdam can be transported to Germany without having to make a stop on the way.

"The direct connection to the Betuweroute is a significant and strategic supplement to the exquisite accessibility of the Amsterdam port by means of inland navigation and road transport," said Port of Amsterdam President and CEO Dertje Meijer.

He said the port will continue to build out its rail network. It has been investing in new rail connection to the Afrikahaven and in improving the harbor complex's connection to the Dutch railway network.

Recently the number of trains using the Betuweroute has increased considerably. By the end of 2010 about 350 freighters will be hitting the Betuweroute on a weekly basis.

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