Maersk Logistics USA Inc.

Maersk Logistics USA Inc.


In 2004, the 3PL market will be driven - more so than in years past - by service providers who truly understand the business strategies and objectives of their clients. In working toward this strategic understanding, successful logistics providers will focus on demonstrating the value of what a true business partner dedicated to the success of their clients can add to a company.

And value cannot be limited to the traditional financial view. Value in the global marketplace must include ensuring regulatory compliance, delivering operational efficiency, developing competitive advantages and creating opportunities in global commerce.

When weighing the areas within which a logistics provider can demonstrate and add value, one that is critical is the drive and ability to create opportunities in the global arena. Proactive identification of opportunities within a supply chain, a strategic business area and/or a competitive market is how providers can truly add value and differentiate themselves. Clients are requiring service providers to step up their role to become a strategic business partner in order to better support their business' success.

As a result, the logistics market in the future will truly be a marketplace where value creation is mandatory to successfully do business.