Logistics Education Directory

Logistics Education Directory

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Many universities and colleges now offer programs in supply-chain management, transportation and logistics - from major universities that offer master''s degrees, doctoral-level programs and research facilities to community colleges offering certificates or associate''s degrees. This directory lists more than 100 schools that offer specific degrees relating to logistics or supply-chain management and the basic information needed to contact those schools. The listings are based on information supplied by the universities and colleges and the Council of Logistics Management. Many schools not listed offer logistics education as part of programs leading to degrees in marketing or management. If you know of a degree program or institution that should be included in a future edition of this directory, please contact us.


Alabama A&M University

Normal, Ala.


-- BS in Business Administration with

concentration in Logistics

The B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Logistics is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills in the various functional activities that logistics encompasses. The program also emphasizes the interdependence of these functional areas of logistics and the need for an integrated approach.

Auburn University o Auburn, Ala.


-- BS in Aviation Management, BS in Logistics

-- MBA with focus on Aviation Management

Auburn University is one of the pioneers in the development of the Aviation Management degree and it has offered a transportation and logistics program since the late 1960s. Logistics students receive a thorough education in relevant theory, strategy, and operations. Auburn''s Department of Aviation Management and Logistics was established as a new unit within the College of Business in 2000.

University of South Alabama o Mobile, Ala.


-- BS in Marketing with Transportation


-- BS in E-Commerce

-- MBA in Marketing with Transportation


The Marketing-Transportation Program prepares students for entry-level positions with transportation companies, logistics departments of manufacturing and distribution firms, and in the transportation areas of public agencies.


University of Alaskao Anchorage, Alaska


-- Certificate in Logistics

-- BBA in Global Logistics Management

-- MS in Global Supply Chain Management

The University of Alaska''s Department of Logistics offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the areas of global logistics and supply-chain management. Undergraduate courses focus on quantitative and qualitative techniques that are used to manage the domestic and international flows of material and finished goods within and among businesses across a supply chain. Graduate courses focus on strategic planning, human capital management, knowledge management, international business activity, computerized simulation techniques, and financial/cost accounting for the experienced logistician and supply-chain manager.


Arizona State University

W.P. Carey School of Business

Tempe, Ariz.


-- BS in Supply Chain Management

-- MBA with concentration in Supply Chain Management

-- Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management

-- Executive Education: seminars and online certificate programs

Arizona State University''s supply-chain management program has earned a No. 3 national ranking from U.S. News & World Report. Its program focuses on globalization and information management tools which integrate procurement, operations, and logistics from raw materials to customer satisfaction.


Arkansas State University

State University, Ark.


-- BS in Marketing with emphasis in Logistics

University of Arkansas

Sam M. Walton College of Business

Fayetteville, Ark.


-- BS in Transportation and Logistics

-- Master of Transportation and Logistics Management

The Marketing and Logistics Department is the largest department in the Walton College of Business. The college offers undergraduate degrees in Retail Marketing, Marketing Management, Industrial Marketing, and Transportation and Logistics. The major in transportation is designed to prepare students for careers in carrier management and logistics management.


Bakersfield College

Bakersfield, Calif.


-- Certificate program in Logistics.

California Maritime Academy

Vallejo, Calif.


-- BS in Business Administration with

Transportation concentration

-- BS in Marine Transportation

The Business Administration degree program is designed for the student choosing a career as a manager for a transportation company or other business. Transportation is the area of concentration in the Business Administration program with courses in Management and Intermodal Transportation. Students choosing a career as a licensed deck officer (mate) or a shoreside maritime manager major in Marine Transportation. This major provides the broadest maritime industry training exposure possible consistent with officer licensing requirements.

California State University at Long Beach

Long Beach, Calif.


-- Master of Arts in Global Logistics

-- Certificate in Global Logistics

The Master of Arts in Global Logistics combines the analytical skills of a traditional MBA with a strong emphasis on logistics in a global setting. It will prepare professionals to manage the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient flow of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption. CSULB also offers the Global Logistics Specialist program, a multi-course certificate program divided into six modules.

Golden Gate University

San Francisco, Calif.


-- BBA with concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management

-- MBA with concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management

-- Undergraduate, Graduate Certificates in Operations Management

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for professional or managerial roles in the operations field. They study operations management techniques, the fundamental role they play in corporate strategies and how operations theory and practice can be applied to streamline an organization. A case-study approach helps students develop the skills and tools needed to apply the knowledge to a variety of cross-functional issues.

San Jose State University

Mineta Transportation Institute

San Jose, Calif.


-- MS in Transportation Management

-- Certificate in Transportation Management

The Mineta Transportation Institute offers two programs: a Master of Science in Transportation Management and a Certificate in Transportation Management. Courses are offered via Interactive Distance Learning Technology at San Jose State University and various Caltrans District offices throughout California. The institute also focuses on research and technology relating to international surface transportation policy issues.

Stanford University

Global Supply Chain

Management Forum

Stanford, Calif.


The Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum is a leading research institute in partnership with industry and the School of Engineering and Graduate School of Business at Stanford University that advances the theory and practice of global supply-chain management. Working with approximately 30 industrial organizations, the forum is engaged with a broad cross-section of leading and emerging industries to identify, document, research, develop and disseminate best practices in a dynamic and increasingly global economic business environment.

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, Calif.

-- BS in Business Administration,


-- M.B.A., M.A., M.F.E., Ph.D. in Business Administration

The Haas School of Business is home to the UC Berkeley Supply Chain Management Initiative, a cross-disciplinary research center for faculty and undergraduate and graduate students. The initiative draws on the resources of the UC Berkeley''s Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research as well. The Initiative offers courses, workshops, conferences and seminars, including an executive education program for logistics and supply-chain professionals.


Colorado Technical University

Colorado Springs, Colo.


-- BS in Management with concentration in Logistics Systems Management

-- MBA in Logistics/Supply Chain


-- Professional Certificate in Logistics Systems Management (undergraduate)

-- Professional Certificate in Logistics/Supply Chain Management (graduate)

The Bachelor of Science in Management degree with a concentration in Logistics Systems Management addresses the principles and techniques of systems management and logistics, including the fundamentals of analysis, design, implementation and customer support. Program content is designed to build a strong foundation in analytical components such as pricing, distribution and supply-chain management, as well as cultivating skills in collaboration, professional communications and management strategy. The certificate programs give students a basic understanding of the emerging science of logistics as it applies to the commercial and military environments.

University of Denver

Intermodal Transportation Institute

Denver, Colo.


-- MS in Intermodal Transportation


The Intermodal Transportation Institute was established in 1991 as the University of Denver''s Center for Transportation Studies to promote the vision of sustainable transportation systems worldwide. In 1996 the ITI name was adopted to reflect more specifically its concern with the development of an intermodal system that was consonant with the goals of sustainability. ITI is headquartered on the campus of the University of Denver. The ITI Executive Master''s Program is delivered through a combination of five seven-day, onsite residences on the University of Denver campus and offsite distance delivery follow-up. This delivery allows the professional to work full-time, from anywhere, while earning a graduate degree. The Executive Master''s Program includes integrated modules from an interdisciplinary curriculum. Incorporated within the program are an Intermodal Business Planning Project, a Personal Leadership Development Strategy, and a Travel Seminar to an area with intermodal facilities.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Daytona Beach, Fla.


-- Professional Certificate in Logistics

-- AS in Aviation Business Administration

-- BS in Aviation Business Administration

-- BS in Air Traffic Management

-- BS in Aviation Management

-- BS in Science, Technology and


-- MBA in Aviation

Florida Institute of Technology

Center for Airport Management

and Development

School of Extended Graduate Studies

Melbourne, Fla.


-- BS in Aviation Management

-- BS in Aviation Computer Science

-- MS in Aviation (options in Airport

Development and Management,

Aviation Safety)

-- MS in Logistics Management

-- MS in Management with Logistics or

Transportation concentration

-- MS in Materiel Acquisition Management

-- Graduate certificates in Logistics

Management, Transportation Management

Courses in logistics, transportation and materiel acquisition management are offered through the School of Extended Graduate Studies, which offers some degree programs through its Center for Distance Learning. The mission of the Center for Airport Management and Development is to conduct research, studies, consultation, and technology transfer to enhance aviation education and industry progress on all aspects of airport planning, design, development, operations and management.

University of Florida o Gainesville, Fla.


-- Supply Chain Management Certificate (graduate)

The university offers an interdisciplinary program (operations, marketing, information systems, and management) which trains students to develop an integrated perspective in managing a large national or multinational supply chain. Students are also exposed to one enterprise resource planning system (SAP R/3) which facilitates integrated decision making in the chain. On completion of the certificate, students usually are recruited by top consulting firms with ERP/supply-chain practices or by the larger corporations (Ford, CSX, etc.) which need experts to address problems in a large-scale supply chain.

University of North Florida

Jacksonville, Fla.


-- BBA in Transportation & Logistics

-- Executive Logistics Management Seminars

The mission of the Transportation and Logistics program is to prepare undergraduate students to effectively and ethically manage logistics activities in both private and public organizations. This includes the ability to appropriately apply logistics concepts, to analyze problems quantitatively and qualitatively, to use and manage information technology and to operate in a global environment.

University of South Florida o Tampa, Fla.


-- MBA in Marketing, including Logistics and Physical Distribution Management


Georgia Institute of Technology

The Logistics Institute Atlanta, Ga.

www.gatech.edu; www.tli.gatech.edu; www.isye.gatech.edu

-- Executive MS in International Logistics

The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech offers a comprehensive curriculum of more than 10 short courses and seminars, ranging from material handling to global logistics, which may be taken individually or as part of a Georgia Tech Professional Education certificate program. TLI also sponsors an Executive Master''s in International Logistics degree through Georgia Tech''s School of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Georgia Southern University

Southern Center for Logistics

and Intermodal Transportation

Statesboro, Ga.


-- BBA in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation

Georgia Southern''s logistics program is organized around the intermodal concept. Approximately, 65 students are preparing for careers with carriers, contract logistics providers, and shippers. From 10 to 25 students graduate each semester.

University of Georgia o Athens, Ga.


-- BBA in Marketing and Distribution


University of Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii


-- BS in Transportation Management

The transportation management program provides students with an understanding of the characteristics and importance of transportation systems for the United States (both domestic and international); the major transportation modes; government, promotional and regulatory activities in U.S. transportation; the role of transportation in tourism; the transportation systems that impact the economics of both Hawaii and the continental United States; and the management of firms in various transportation modes.


Idaho State University

Pocatello, Idaho


-- BBA in Marketing (with logistics electives)


Elmhurst College o Elmhurst, Ill.


-- BS in Logistics and Transportation


-- MS in Supply Chain Management

Elmhurst College offers an undergraduate degree program in logistics and transportation management and graduate program in supply-chain management that draws strength from the college''s location in one of the nation''s major transportation and logistics hubs.

Illinois Central College o East Peoria, Ill.


-- Certificate in Transportation and Traffic Management (Undergrad)

Loyola University o Chicago


-- BS in Operations Management

-- MBA with specialization in Operations Management

Northern Illinois University o DeKalb, Ill.


-- BS in Operations Management and

Information Systems

-- MS in Operations Management and

Information Systems

Northwestern University

The Transportation Center

Evanston, Ill.


-- Undergraduate minor in transportation

and logistics

-- BS in Civil Engineering with transportation concentration

-- MBA in Transportation & Logistics

-- MS in Civil Engineering with specialty in transportation analysis and planning

-- Executive Programs

Northwestern University offers a number of graduate degree programs focusing on transportation and logistics including the Master of Science in Civil Engineering with a transportation specialty; the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, the Master of Business Administration in the Kellogg School of Management and various doctoral programs. An undergraduate minor in transportation and logistics was officially added to the roster of transportation-related academic programs at Northwestern in 2001. This program, which builds on the Transportation Center''s interdisciplinary foundation, provides undergraduates the opportunity to integrate transportation and logistics courses into their general academic studies.The Transportation Center also provides students with the opportunity to participate in research projects and a variety of transportation-oriented special events and activities. Executive programs designed for middle- and upper-level managers help transportation professionals expand their knowledge and sharpen their critical transportation management skills.


Ball State University o Muncie, Ind.


-- BS in Marketing with Logistics concentration

-- MBA in Operations and Technology


Indiana University o Bloomington, Ind.


-- BS in Marketing with concentrations in

Distribution Management and Purchasing Management

Students interested in Distribution Management study the analysis, planning, and control of activities concerned with the procurement and distribution of goods. Distribution Management activities include transportation, warehousing, forecasting, order processing, inventory control, production planning, site selection, and customer service. Purchasing Management is responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of the goods and services that an organization requires for its operations.

Indiana University/Purdue

University at Indy o Indianapolis


-- BS in Marketing Distribution Management

-- Online MBA in Global Supply Chain



Iowa State University o Ames, Iowa


-- BS in Transportation and Logistics

-- Logistics, Operations, and Management Information Systems Department

The academic programs offered by the LOMIS Department are designed to prepare students for future positions managing production and service operations, logistics, transportation, and information systems. The study of transportation and logistics serves as a specialized program for those students who plan careers in transportation or logistics with shippers, carriers, and government agencies. It is a broad-based educational program that emphasizes the managerial and conceptual aspects of transportation and logistics systems. In 2002, more than 150 students majored in Transportation and Logistics.

University of Northern Iowa

Cedar Falls, Iowa


-- BS in Management with Supply Chain

& Operations Management emphasis


Maine Maritime Academy

Castine, Maine


-- BS in International Business & Logistics,

BS in Marine Transportation Operations

-- MS in Logistics Management, MS in

Maritime Management

Maine Maritime Academy''s Master of Science degree in Logistics Management and Maritime Management were created to meet the particular requirements of middle managers ashore, sea-going professionals, and those who wish to enhance their management capabilities and advancement opportunities in transportation-related companies. They are offered through the Loeb-Sullivan School, which consists of the undergraduate Department of International Business and Logistics and the Department of Graduate Studies. The unique IBL undergraduate program blends international business education with contemporary logistics management skills.


Morgan State University

Institute for Transportation

Baltimore, Md.


-- MS in Transportation Studies

The Master of Science degree program in transportation provides a curriculum that prepares students to assume positions as professional managers and planners in all aspects of transportation management, planning, and analysis. Students can concentrate their studies on transportation planning, traffic engineering, transportation information systems, urban public transportation, freight transportation and logistics. Students may use appropriate courses in other disciplines to complement their program of study.

University of Maryland

Robert H. Smith School of Business

College Park, Md.


-- BS in Logistics, Transportation

& Supply Chain Management

-- MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain


The goal of the Robert H. Smith School of Business is to produce outstanding professionals in the field of logistics, transportation, and supply-chain management. The Logistics, Business and Public Policy Department offers courses in the areas of logistics, transportation, international business, managerial economics and public policy, business law, business ethics, and telecommunications policy and economics. The LBPP faculty has taken a leading role in the development of cross functional MBA concentrations in logistics/supply-chain management, international business and global business and knowledge management, and teaches courses in the MBA concentrations in business telecommunications and electronic commerce.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Center for Transportation

and Logisticso Cambridge, Mass.


-- Master of Engineering in Logistics

-- Master of Science in Transportation

-- Interdepartmental Ph.D. program

-- Professional & Executive programs

The MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics is widely recognized as an international leader in its field. Along with basic contributions to the understanding of transportation system planning, operations and management, its efforts include significant contributions to logistics modeling and supply-chain management for shippers; to technology and policy analysis for government; and to management, planning and operations for trucking, railroad, air and ocean carriers. In addition to administering three interdisciplinary graduate programs, the Center helps coordinate the extensive transportation and logistics research conducted throughout MIT. At any given time, research efforts typically number over 100, ranging from modest projects involving a single faculty member and a few students to large-scale international programs involving scores of people and a full-time research staff.

Northeastern University o Boston, Mass.


-- BS in Business Administration,

concentration in Supply Chain Management

-- Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain


Northeastern''s program moves from introductory courses in transportation through advanced study in physical distribution management. Electives provide in-depth examination of how goods and services reach their destinations. The program culminates in a senior seminar. Courses address not only the viewpoints of corporate shippers and carriers but also those of public officials and consumer advocates.


Central Michigan University

Mount Pleasant, Mich.


-- BS in Logistics Management

-- BS in Purchasing and Supply Management

The Logistics Management major is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of logistics. Students who complete the major will find numerous career opportunities in the logistics management areas: transportation, inventory management, warehouse/facility management, packaging and material handling, production support, procurement, order processing, demand forecasting, customer service, field service and support, product disposal and recycling, and international logistics. The Purchasing and Supply Management major offers students an opportunity to position themselves for jobs in the increasingly important fields of purchasing and supply management.

Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, Mich.


-- BBA in Marketing with concentrations in Distribution, Purchasing and Materials Management

Michigan State University

Eli Broad College of Business

East Lansing, Mich.


-- BS in Supply Chain Management

-- MS in Logistics

-- Executive Development and Certificate


The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management at Michigan State University is recognized as one of the premier logistics educational programs nationally and internationally. The Broad School has offered undergraduates, Master''s in Business Administration and Ph.D. programs in logistics for over 40 years. MSU''s approach to supply-chain management integrates topics from manufacturing operations, purchasing, transportation, and physical distribution into a unified program. The objective is to provide students with a comprehensive background in each area and also to allow students to pursue concentrations within their areas of interest. The Master of Science degree in logistics is designed for individuals who wish to expand their logistics knowledge but cannot afford to put their careers on hold to participate in a full-time program. It is a blend of in-residency classes and e-learning segments.


Metropolitan State University

Minneapolis, Minn.


-- BAS in Operations and Manufacturing


Students completing the BAS degree program will be prepared to work as supervisors and managers in the operations environment of a manufacturing company. More specifically, they will be trained in project management, product development, quality control, purchasing management, materials management and logistics management.


Mississippi State University

Mississippi State, Miss.


-- BBA in Marketing with Transportation option


Southwest Missouri State University

Springfield, Mo.


-- BS in Marketing with Logistics

& Transportation option

-- Logistics and Transportation Minor

-- MBA in Marketing with concentration in Logistics & Transportation

The Logistics and Transportation program at SMSU utilizes the class resources within the College of Business Administration with the cooperation between the Department of Marketing and Quantitative Analysis and the Department of Management. While the majority of courses offered and responsibility for the Program rests with the Department of Marketing, the Department of Management provides a foundation course for the L&T Option area. The L&T Program is offered at the undergraduate level as a major and minor option in marketing, and at the MBA level as an "area of specialization."

University of Missouri - St. Louis

Center for Transportation Studies

St. Louis, Mo.


-- Graduate certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

-- MBA with emphasis in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

-- MBA with emphasis in Operations


The Logistics and Supply Program is a key component of new initiatives in transportation, logistics and supply-chain management. Courses provide a solid foundation in logistics and supply-chain management as well as advanced training in the use of information systems and quantitative tools such as Sails, Manugistics, ArcLogistics Routes, and many others. Research opportunities are offered through the center for qualified University of Missouri-St. Louis graduate students, supporting them in their study of supply-chain management and training them in research methodology.


University of Nebraska - Kearney o Kearney, Neb.


-- BS in Industrial Distribution, Aircraft Systems Management, Airway Science Management, and Airway Computer Science


University of Nevada - Reno

Center for Logistics Management

Reno, Nev.


-- BS in Supply Chain Management

-- MBA with Supply Chain Management


The Center for Logistics Management provides classroom study and hands-on training in distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, purchasing, and marketing. The Center for Logistics Management was founded in 1988. The mission of the Center for Logistics Management at the University of Nevada is to create and disseminate new knowledge in logistics and supply-chain management, educate students and practitioners in logistics excellence, and contribute to the effective practice of supply-chain management.


Middlesex County College o Edison, N.J.


-- AS in Marketing with Transportation

and Distribution option

-- Certificate in Transportation and Distribution


Dowling College o Oakdale, N.Y.


-- BS in Aviation Management

-- MBA in Aviation Management

The aviation management program provides students with an education that enables them to understand the business world in general, with a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. commercial airline industry in particular. Students will become familiar with the regulatory environment within which today''s commercial airlines function. They will also learn to analyze the impact of the competitive marketplace, as well as the economic, financial, marketing, and operational challenges that today''s air transport industry faces.

Niagara University

Logistics Transportation Management Center o Niagara University, N.Y.


-- BS in Transportation and Logistics


Niagara University has offered an undergraduate program in transportation and logistics since 1971, and has been offering courses to local transportation and distribution professionals since 1992, including an evening logistics certificate program.

Syracuse University

H.H. Franklin Center for Supply

Chain Management o Syracuse, N.Y.


-- BS in Supply Chain Management

-- MBA with concentration in Supply Chain Management

-- PhD in Supply Chain Management

Syracuse University has one of the oldest supply-chain and transportation programs in the United States, and the SU School of Management offers degree programs in supply-chain management at undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs are interdisciplinary, involving faculty from the Marketing Department and the Management Information and Decision Sciences Department. Topic coverage includes demand management, inventory control, risk sharing, supply-chain planning, buyer-seller alliances, information flows, transportation, production management, and business-to-business marketing in a global setting. There is an emphasis on information technology throughout the curriculum.

Pace University

World Trade Institute

School of International Trade

& Commerce o New York, N.Y.


-- Certificate in International Trade

-- B.A. in Language, Culture and World Trade

The World Trade Institute offers a Certificate Program in International Trade that is designed to build a complete, cohesive, set of skills for a particular area in international trade. A certificate program consists of 10 courses (core and electives), and can be completed within 4 terms or one year, depending on your availability. A student has the choice of earning a general certificate in international trade or specializing in Import Operations, Export Operations or International Transportation. Five WTI courses can be applied as electives toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language, Culture and World Trade offered through the Modern Language Department of Dyson College at Pace University.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, N.Y.


-- MS in Manufacturing Management

and Leadership

RIT''s colleges of Engineering and Business responded to a challenge from their industrial partners to develop an interdisciplinary program that would meet the needs of working professionals in manufacturing, operations, and supply-chain management. The result was the creation of the manufacturing management and leadership program, a joint master of science curriculum designed to enhance technical, management, and leadership skills. The program is designed to accommodate part-time students and may be completed in two academic years.


Lenoir Community College o Kinston, N.C.


-- AAS in Global Logistics Technology

The Global Logistics Technology Curriculum prepares individuals for a multitude of career opportunities in distribution, transportation, and manufacturing organizations. Classroom instruction, field of study experiences, and practical laboratory applications of logistics management and global technology capabilities are included in the program of study. Course work includes computer applications, accounting, business law, economics, management, industrial sciences, and international studies. Students will solve different levels of logistics-related problems through case study evaluations and supply-chain projects utilizing logistical hardware and intelligent software tools.

North Carolina A&T State University

Transportation Institute

Greensboro, N.C.


-- BS in Transportation

-- MSM in Transportation and Business


The Transportation Institute is an interdisciplinary unit that conducts research, provides technical assistance, and undertakes public service projects in the broad area of transportation. The Transportation Institute also functions as a regional center for the transportation industry, offering seminars, workshops, and lectures for transportation practitioners and decisionmakers. Through the Institute, students have access to summer internships and apprenticeships, involvement in professional associations, field trips, and lectures from visiting experts.


Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, Ohio


-- BSBA in Purchasing and Supply Chain


-- MBA in Supply Chain Management

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, Ohio


-- MSM in Management-Supply Chain

-- MSM in Management-Operations Research

The MSM/OR and MSM/SC programs prepare graduates to work in organizations creating highly technical products and services, providing technical support for managerial planning and control efforts, and acting as consultants. Graduates of both MSM tracks are skilled in the use of computers, mathematical models and statistics to solve practical business problems and in the principles and concepts associated with a business specialty. They also possess a basic understanding of managerial functions, facilitating practical problem solving and effective communication with non-technical management personnel.

Columbus State Community College

Columbus, Ohio


-- AAS in Logistics (Purchasing Major)

-- Logistics Certificate, Purchasing Certificate

John Carroll University

Boler School of Business

University Heights, Ohio


-- BSBA in Business Logistics

Miami University of Ohio

Richard T. Farmer School of Business Administration o Oxford, Ohio


-- BS in Management-Purchasing

and Procurement

Miami''s program in purchasing and procurement management includes courses in managerial cost accounting, production and operations management, purchasing and materials management, operations planning and scheduling, and the physical distribution of products. Graduates of this program may work as buyers, traffic managers, expediters, and purchasing analysts. Graduates with the necessary qualifications and experience are eligible for certification by the National Association of Purchasing Management.

Ohio State University

Fisher College of Business

Columbus, Ohio


-- BS in Transportation & Logistics Management

-- MBA in Operations/Logistics Management

-- Ph.D. in Logistics

The Department of Marketing and Logistics is made up of two faculty groups - one specializing in logistics and the other in marketing. Concentrations of the logistics faculty include logistics management, supply-chain management and performance measurement. By assuming a combined operations/logistics perspective, the university''s programs show how the total flow of all goods within and between firms can effectively and efficiently be managed.

University of Cincinnati o Cincinnati, Ohio


-- BBA in Industrial Management

-- MBA in Operations Management

-- Ph.D. in Operations Management

The university''s operations management concentration focuses on understanding manufacturing information systems, project and quality management, logistics, and operations planning and scheduling.


Portland State University

Portland, Ore.


-- BBA in Supply and Logistics Management


Duquesne University

Pittsburgh, Pa.


-- BSBA in Supply Chain Management

-- MBA in Supply Chain Management

Duquesne University''s supply-chain management programs are designed to address the entire supply chain as an integrated set of functions. The programs provide the background and skills necessary for a number of entry-level and professional positions in manufacturing and service firms. For example, graduates may choose to pursue a position in purchasing, or production planning, or inventory control, or transportation, or warehouse management, all of which are crucial elements in the supply chain.

Lehigh University o Bethlehem, Pa.


-- BS in Supply Chain Management

-- Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain


The supply-chain management undergraduate major at Lehigh University provides solid exposure to supply management, logistics, business-to-business marketing and operations management topics. The program emphasizes advanced cost analysis, negotiation, quality management and improvement, logistics network modeling and e-business. Lehigh University''s College of Business and Economics offers several graduate certificate programs, including a certificate in supply-chain management.


Clemson University

Clemson, S.C.


-- BS in Industrial Management

-- MS in Industrial Management

-- Ph.D. in Operations Management

College of Charleston o Charleston, S.C.


-- BBA with concentration in Global Logistics and Transportation

In partnership with the maritime community, the College of Charleston established the state''s first intermodal transportation program in 1985. Now known as the Global Logistics and Transportation Program, it offers both academic and professional development courses to undergraduates and individuals working in the field.


University of Memphis

Fogelman College of Business and Economics o Memphis, Tenn.


-- BBA in Logistics/Marketing

University of Tennessee

Knoxville, Tenn.


-- BSBA in Logistics and Transportation

-- MBA in Logistics and Transportation

-- PhD in Marketing, Logistics and



Palo Alto College o San Antonio, Texas


-- AAS in Logistics Management

-- Logistics Management Certificate

Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas


-- BBA in Information & Operations Management

-- Ph.D. in Information & Operations


University of North Texas

Center for Logistics Education Research

Denton, Texas


-- BBA in Logistics

-- Graduate Certificate in Logistics and

Supply Chain Management

-- MBA in Marketing (Logistics emphasis)


George Mason University

Center for Transport Policy and Logistics o Fairfax, Va.


-- MS in Transportation Policy, Operations

and Logistics

The Center for Transport Policy and Logistics approaches transportation issues from a holistic standpoint, pursuing solutions that combine engineering, management, policy, and economic elements. Students dissect the complex institutional and legal environment in which transportation facilities and services are planned, designed, constructed and implemented.

Old Dominion University

International Maritime, Ports and Logistics Management Institute

Norfolk, Va.


-- MBA with concentration in Maritime

and Port Management

The mission of the International Maritime, Ports and Logistics Management Institute is to provide world-quality international maritime, ports and logistics management education, training and research to meet regional, national and international needs. The Institute provides a focal point for educational services and research programming which is responsive to the port-related needs of the Hampton Roads region, the commonwealth of Virginia and other port-related facilities in the world.

University of Richmond o Richmond, Va.


-- Minor in Transportation and Logistics


-- Certificate and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Transportation and Logistics Management

Courses offered under the School of Continuing Education cover logistics management, carrier management, industrial traffic management, freight loss and damage claims, current issues in transportation and more.


George Washington University

Washington, D.C.


-- MBA in Logistics Operations and Materials Management


University of Washington o Seattle, Wash.


-- Graduate Certificate in Global Trade,

Transportation and Logistics

The University of Washington has developed a comprehensive interdisciplinary Graduate School Certificate Program in Global Trade, Transportation, and Logistics Studies. The aim of the graduate certificate program is to enable graduate students to augment their degree programs in preparation for careers that demand the combined knowledge of trade, transportation, and logistics.


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Grainger Center for Supply Chain


University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business

Madison, Wis.


-- Undergraduate specialization in Supply Chain Management

-- MBA and MS in Supply Chain Management

Students receive an interdisciplinary and experiential education at the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management. The Center offers MBA and MS degrees in Supply Chain Management. The Grainger Center also offers an undergraduate specialization in supply-chain management to enhance a current business major. Courses in core business areas such as managerial accounting, data analysis, operations management, information systems, marketing, and business strategy are blended with courses in marketing channels, operations research, quality management, logistics strategies, and global manufacturing and logistics to complete the objective of offering a cross-functional educational experience.

University of Wisconsin-Superior

UW-Superior Transportation

& Logistics Research Center

Superior, Wis.


-- BS in Transportation and Logistics