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Distribution Centers

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Rarely in logistics do we encounter something so sensible in theory but so challenging in execution as converting retail space to e-commerce distribution and other industrial uses.

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02 Sep 2022
With US warehouses full or filling up, shippers are rethinking broader distribution strategies and basic practices such as how they stack and track goods to find the space they need.
26 Aug 2022
Weeks of delays in moving freight from US ports to Chicago are eating into the inland warehousing space needed to get that freight out of intermodal railyards and to customers.
18 Jul 2022
Retailers are beginning to pare back bloated inventories, but manufacturers are adding stock as they search for the elusive ‘golden screw.’
08 Jul 2022
Recent funding rounds for Flexe and PayCargo are symbolic of the confusing market that logistics technology companies are navigating, with funding still available but harder to obtain than last year.
01 Jun 2022
Cold chain market leader Lineage Logistics has continued its 2022 acquisition spree with the purchase of TMS provider Turvo, a move that furthers Lineage’s vertical integration ambitions.
10 May 2022
Stord, which provides technology and supply chain services to shippers, has used expansion into transportation and fulfillment to attract capital that it sees as protection in a market where investment may be harder to capture.
22 Apr 2022
Importers wanting to avoid duties on low-value shipments can use Canada as a waypoint through a new program between North American fulfillment provider ShipHero and a Canadian customs broker.
28 Jan 2022
Amazon and third-party logistics providers are busy adding distribution capacity in the eastern half of the US to take advantage of more ocean services into East Coast ports.
11 Jan 2022
Expansion in the Netherlands follows a $1.7 billion funding round that will propel growth as Lineage Logistics builds its global food chain.
10 Jan 2022
The creation of Ascend from the combination of two existing companies highlights fast growth in the regional market for “middle-mile” e-commerce freight.
10 Jan 2022
The acquisition of EHS Trucking allows RoadOne to connect East Coast and Midwest intermodal and truckload operations.
05 Jan 2022
The Omicron variant of COVID-19 represents yet a further setback for railroads, warehouse operators, and trucking companies to keep workers moving freight.
05 Nov 2021
Bigger than expected gains in warehousing and trucking in October are welcome amid ongoing reports of labor shortages.
07 Oct 2021
Warehouses at seaports and inland hubs are filled to capacity as operators find they must pay workers more competitive wages and benefits to attract the labor they need to handle peak season volumes.
13 Aug 2021
Maersk’s acquisition of Visible Supply Chain Management last week adds nine fulfillment centers to its distribution network, allowing it to reach 95 percent of the US direct-to-consumer market within 48 hours.
12 May 2021
Transportation and warehousing firms losing employees may be competing more often with contractor-based gig economy businesses; trucking, however, is expanding its payroll.
06 May 2021
As shippers wrestle with atypical constraints on labor and heightened distribution performance demands, venture capital firms have backed warehouse analytics software vendor CognitOps to help them connect disparate systems.
16 Mar 2021
A $31 million investment into Los Angeles-based technology provider Flowspace is the latest example of e-commerce growth whipping up investor interest in new warehousing and fulfillment models.
18 Feb 2021
Relay Payments is expanding its "lumper payment" platform, allowing truck carriers and brokers to automate the settlement of cargo unloading fees to receiving facilities.
16 Feb 2021
A growing gap between inventory and sales in many US business sectors is projected to drive replenishment, expedited shipping, and high levels of imports for months to come.
01 Dec 2020
E-commerce growth has driven appetite for on-demand warehousing space, which propelled software provider Flexe toward a $70 million funding round Tuesday.
13 Aug 2020
The worker scarcity, created by elevated unemployment benefits reducing the incentive to work, coupled with workers’ fears of contracting COVID-19, is most sharply felt by facilities that deconsolidate the ocean containers.
22 Jul 2020
Blue Yonder and DHL’s partnership to build a robotics integration product and broader venture capital investment in that category is a sign contract logistics providers need help managing an influx of in-warehouse technology.
20 Jul 2020
The Port of Charleston wants to diversify its cargo business into e-commerce, netting big-box retailer Walmart as the first major omnichannel retailer to occupy a port authority-owned warehousing complex less than an hour from Charleston.
26 Jun 2020
With phase 1 of the Georgia International Trade Park now complete and a new headquarters for Port City Logistics being built a few miles from the trade park, the Savannah area is adding new warehousing and distribution capacity at a time when space is especially tight.
19 Jun 2020
Demand for distribution centers and warehouses in Asia is set to climb as firms reappraise supply chains, increase inventories, and diversify into other countries after the disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.
16 Jun 2020
A software startup aiming to be the connective tissue between data from disparate warehousing systems has received venture capital as retailers’ distribution needs get more complex during the COVID-19 pandemic.
11 May 2020
A warehouse robotics integration platform has secured a venture capital investment to help contract logistics providers and shippers cope with the plethora of automation systems.
20 Apr 2020
Each year JOC publishes a directory of nearly 200 warehousing service providers across the United States to help beneficial cargo owners and transportation providers find warehousing capacity as needed.
10 Apr 2020
Officials at the Port of New York and New Jersey say they don’t expect port marine terminals and area warehouses to experience as much of a space crunch as they and other East Coast ports were anticipating as cargo from China increases over the coming weeks.
26 Mar 2020
A patchwork of definitions among Canadian provinces over what is deemed an “essential” business is causing confusion, resulting in freight backlogs due to closed warehouses in Ontario and Quebec.
26 Mar 2020
Demand to haul essential freight into areas of the US most affected by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak is soaring this month, causing rates to climb and driver detention to increase, and resulting in difficult conversations between brokers and shippers.
19 Mar 2020
While truck activity is rampant for essential goods, US fashion footwear freight movement is slowing to a halt as department stores shut down, according to supply chain executives.
21 Feb 2020
A sizable investment in a yard automation startup this week is a signal that shippers and logistics providers need to prioritize efficiencies in their warehousing and distribution facilities to cope with the speed of supply chains.
19 Feb 2020
Maersk is more than doubling its warehousing and distribution assets in North America through an acquisition that serves as another signal of its commitment to transition from container line to integrator.