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Container shipping offers several junction points that are ripe for innovation, digitization, and data analytics — which will yield increased efficiency, among other benefits. And there’s no better one to start at than connecting terminals to the greater supply chain.

News & Analysis

A truck travels on a US road.
23 Apr 2018
The immediate goal may be end-to-end tracking, but greater gains may come as shippers use data to manage capacity.
Vehicle waiting for export in Japan.
21 Apr 2018
Manufacturers and shippers of autos and other vehicles have some of the most detailed contingency plans in the transportation industry for adjusting to weather, port congestion, rail disruptions, and truck capacity issues. And the need to have a resilient plan in place will only be magnified by the climate change era’s increased severe weather events.
A truck travels on a US road.
19 Apr 2018
In the US trucking sector, smaller carriers are gravitating toward shorter-haul freight, Zipline Logistics has found. That could put more pressure on longer-haul capacity.
An Amazon fulfillment center in Indiana.
19 Apr 2018
An explosion of e-commerce business is driving up rents at last-mile/last-touch fulfillment centers in urban core locations, and entrepreneurial truckers are finding ways to participate in this growing market. But the end result is a plus for beneficial cargo owners and consumers, as these developments enhance customer service and prevent final delivered costs from getting out of hand.
A truck travels on a US road.
16 Apr 2018
Can deep, wide, sophisticated supply chain visibility help shippers ‘create’ capacity and control rising costs?
A warehouse in the United States.
13 Apr 2018
Increasing customer demands and the need for more flexible supply chains means the warehouse of the e-commerce era will do much more, and also achieve more for businesses.
A warehouse.
13 Apr 2018
In 2017, the strengthening global economy increased business volumes and freight rates — boosting Top 50 third-party logistics providers’ revenue, while fueling niche mergers and acquisitions.
Two ships.
09 Apr 2018
Regarding international logistics, it is clear and easy to note that new digital forwarders have several advantages. But what is often overlooked is that legacy forwarders have certain advantages too.
29 Mar 2018
Sponsored: Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka discuss technology in the freight transportation industry, including its Port Optimizer pilot program with GE Transportation, and examining challenges of increasing data standardization and wider adoption of technologies across the supply chain.
Maersk Line.
27 Mar 2018
In theory, blockchain has the potential to enable global container carriers to create a universal, standardized, ledger system with many more efficient processes. The question is whether carriers who are fierce competitors and who do not trust each other can use a system in which trust is integral.
05 Mar 2018
Addressing TPM 2018 in a keynote address, DB Schenker CEO Jochen Thewes said technology is changing the game completely and he described an environment in which the traditional business model of forwarders was under threat.
Trucks on a US highway.
23 Feb 2018
The US transportation capacity vise that is squeezing supply chains is moving end-to-end visibility and automation from shipper wish lists to priority lists.
A modern container ship at sea.
16 Feb 2018
INTTRA officials see their company as potentially a key player in any central portal or pipeline designed to give shipping industry players end-to-end supply chain visibility, especially if it is blockchain-based.
Direct ChassisLink.
15 Feb 2018
Intermodal equipment provider Direct ChassisLink Inc.’s (DCLI's) Digital DCLI initiative seeks to leverage the company’s REZ-1 technology for myriad supply chain improvements, in a three-year effort that goes far beyond basic chassis supply.
A US wareghouse
15 Feb 2018
Many shippers overlook transportation data that monitor their delivery exceptions. Mining data about delivery exceptions might provide shippers with smarter, more-effectual transportation performance data.
XPO Logstics.
07 Feb 2018
Technology investments in the warehouse, at LTL docks, and in the last-mile delivery business are in the works at XPO Logistics, which expects consumer and business demand to propel technology in 2018.
Port of Los Angeles
02 Feb 2018
“Carriers face an increasing threat from digital attackers,” — competitors that have embraced technology, a Boston Consulting Group report released Friday argues. 
26 Jan 2018
Officials say the technology will also help create more trucker dual transactions.
24 Jan 2018
Truckers seek “dual transactions,” or revenue moves in both directions and at LA-LB, technology will play a key role in achieving that goal, which will also reduce turn times — getting cargo to its destination quicker.
22 Jan 2018
As supply chain visibility tech advances, shippers have to confront questions such as how much is it worth? Will other parties collaborate to ensure it functions? And: how to handle large amounts of data that may come in a variety of formats?  
22 Jan 2018
In the second half of 2017, many logistics firms struggled to keep up with rising carrier prices and had difficulty passing those increases along to shippers.
17 Jan 2018
Service metrics are improving, but can CSX win back shipper trust while sticking to its late CEO's plan for precision scheduled railroading?
16 Jan 2018
IBM and Maersk estimate the initiatives could save the industry billions of dollars.
11 Jan 2018
Maersk initially set up the program for its own needs and used it to, for example, monitor the temperature of each box and change it if it was too low or high, and also to track the maintenance needs.
10 Jan 2018
The need for better visibility to make smarter decisions, along with better coordinating of train switching and traffic flows on local roads, comes as North American port volume rises.
Analysis: Right or wrong, CSX intermodal trying new things
09 Jan 2018
It is crucial that intermodal continues to explore non-traditional ways to knit together an ever-growing network of dispersed terminals in order to meet the challenge of this new, more demanding supply chain era.
04 Jan 2018
When it comes to predictive analytics, there are literally countless ways to arrive at predictions, but not all predictions are the same.
28 Dec 2017
As strategic 3PLs help their customers leverage new tools and platforms, more traditional logistics providers fall further behind.
21 Dec 2017
The rails' inability to increase their market share over road could threaten public funding of the sector.
15 Dec 2017
John LaRue headed the Corpus Christi port for 23 years; he will stay on as an adviser until he retires in June 2019.
13 Dec 2017
Global air logistics leaders say their focus for 2018 continues to be on technology and processes.
12 Dec 2017
Rapidly evolving e-commerce supply networks and uncertainty over transportation capacity and pricing challenge shippers and their transportation partners.
12 Dec 2017
Reducing CO2 emissions is gaining in importance for European shippers and their service providers, as Brussels grows impatient and pressure from consumers builds.
11 Dec 2017
Russian officials expect internet-based cargo bookings to account for up to 10 percent of bookings, perhaps more, in three years.
04 Dec 2017
Four shipping carriers will help steer the New York Shipping Exchange.