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09 Sep 2017
This infographic maps and explains the basic classifications and uses of logistics and container shipping technology.
09 Sep 2017
As the container shipping industry appears to be embracing technology to improve productivity and cut costs, venture capital has taken notice, funding a large array of startups across the various focuses of logistics and shipping technology.
07 Sep 2017
Blockchain pilot programs have been flourishing this year.
07 Sep 2017
This infographic breaks down the key types of shipping and logistics technology and their place in the supply chain.
01 Sep 2017
Hub Group has launched a new cargo tracking tool.
01 Sep 2017
The first interim result of Li & Fung's three-year plan has been positive as the Hong Kong group begins to transform itself from trading giant to tech savvy supply chain solutions provider.
30 Aug 2017
The software offers a way to connect a blockchain system with a variety of existing or legacy technologies.
30 Aug 2017
Technology is playing a bigger role in Indian trade than ever before.
25 Aug 2017
The web-based platform appears to be the only one of its kind targeting empty capacity globally, whereas the other platforms are either within the United States or Europe.
23 Aug 2017
Ryder System and Chanje see opportunity for electric commercial vehicles in rapid growth of "final-mile" delivery business.
21 Aug 2017
The new investment brings its total venture capital funding to $13 million.
17 Aug 2017
Port of Los Angeles and GE Transportation will expand their pilot program across the entire port to establish a single electronic platform through which port users can share shipment information in a secure environment.
15 Aug 2017
Descartes' acquisition of MacroPoint will accelerate drive toward shipment, SKU-level tracking of freight across modal networks.
15 Aug 2017
Singapore carrier PIL and port operator PSA are exploring blockchain technology with IBM, the latest container shipping industry players to link up with the IT giant.
09 Aug 2017
In technology speak, the collecting of data from ELDs is part of the so-called Internet or Network of Things.
02 Aug 2017
China’s largest retailer launched the new cross-border alliance with the view of improving the usually complicated processes involved in bringing imported products into the mainland.
01 Aug 2017
The Hong Kong-based 300Cubits on Tuesday introduced the TEU, not the container unit.
27 Jul 2017
At its heart, the container shipping system is driven by uncertainty, hurting shippers and carriers alike.
13 Jul 2017
The pledge comes as Maersk Line recognizes concern among shippers at booking containers with the carrier while it limps back to a business-as-usual state.
12 Jul 2017
"It’s not a question of whether you are going to be hacked, [but] a question of when."
11 Jul 2017
A major port drayage group said Tuesday that APM Terminals should have kept its facility in the Port of New York and New Jersey closed until it had recovered from a cyber attack on parent company Maersk Group.
10 Jul 2017
The APM Terminals facility at Port of New York and New Jersey — challenged by long truck lines after a cyber attack on parent company, Maersk Group — said it hopes to be fully operational by Wednesday.
07 Jul 2017
The terminal opened at midnight July 6 and worked the first vessel Thursday.
03 Jul 2017
Lengthy truck lines continued outside APM Terminals in the Port of New York and New Jersey Monday on the third day of operations since a massive cyberattack last week on parent company Maersk Group shut down the facility.
30 Jun 2017
Marine terminals are reluctant to jump aboard until they get guarantees on data safety.
30 Jun 2017
Operations are finally beginning to return to normal at Pier 400 in the Port of Los Angeles.
30 Jun 2017
“These facilities have already restored systems and are able to gate cargo in and out.”
30 Jun 2017
A container line, a port, and a retailer are all involved in blockchain pilots to the viability of digitizing the complex communications trail and improving visibility.
29 Jun 2017
This week’s mess was the latest pain point for users exasperated with the transition to the Automated Commercial Environment.
29 Jun 2017
Maersk Line says it is close to bringing its operations back to normal after a massive cyberattack.
29 Jun 2017
“While we are working on a solution, we do not have an update on expected resumption of services.”
28 Jun 2017
Maersk is limping toward recovery from a devastating cyberattack.
28 Jun 2017
The alarm bells have been ringing for years.
28 Jun 2017
Gridlock threatens to return to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust following the so-called “Petya” ransomware attack on Maersk Group’s global systems.
27 Jun 2017
Maersk was among several companies hit by the cyberattack.