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Container shipping offers several junction points that are ripe for innovation, digitization, and data analytics — which will yield increased efficiency, among other benefits. And there’s no better one to start at than connecting terminals to the greater supply chain.

News & Analysis

Trucks in a cargo line in India.
22 Jun 2018
Unified tax reform in India has led to a roughly 18 to 20 percent improvement in truck turn times, a new study has found.
20 Jun 2018
Spending on third-party logistics providers is expected to rise 5.5 percent by 2019 as shippers rely upon logistics providers to manage capacity constraints on the highways and rails while offering long-term solutions through technology.
Fleet of Oregon.
19 Jun 2018
With its first-move advantage fading, the digital forwarding industry is entering its second phase marked by a mushrooming of providers, a pivot away from marketplaces, and a subsector seeking to give so-called traditional forwarders digital chops.
Port of New York and New Jersey.
15 Jun 2018
While terminals have made good strides in improving technology within their four walls, they are poorly connected with the greater supply chain in which they play a critical role as the interface between the water and the land; that connectivity has to occur for the industry to advance. And with International Longshoremen's Association and International Longshore and Warehouse Union labor peace, there’s now time to do it.
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.
14 Jun 2018
The government, at a recent stakeholder review meeting regarding trade reforms, set a Sept. 30 deadline for nationwide radio-frequency identification operations.
Container ship at port.
10 Jun 2018
The tech enhancements could have potential benefits for importers in terms of better visibility of their cargo from the vessel discharge process to the out gate process, and for exporters in terms of better gauging the best time to deliver laden boxes to terminals.
Chicago with Lake Michigan.
07 Jun 2018
“No one’s coming to save us,” Bobby Harris, president and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics, tells shippers. He’s talking about the tight-capacity, high-priced, surface transportation market, which he expects will continue until late 2019. One BlueGrace solution — it is going to Chicago to hire help.
Mediterranean Shipping Co.
07 Jun 2018
Shippers using the BoxTech database to track container weight and other information will get greater reach through the database, which now contains information on 40 percent of the world’s containers after Mediterranean Shipping Co. added its information.
An Amazon fulfillment center in Washington state, United States.
06 Jun 2018
All key fundamentals point to another strong revenue growth year in 2018 for the third-party logistics provider sector, absent a trade war.
Maersk Line logistics.
06 Jun 2018
The new digital product, which commenced global operations in early 2017, is designed to offer instant pricing/booking, cost transparency/cargo tracking, simplified/centralized documentation, and proactive/round-the-clock customer services.
Dachser intelligent logistics.
06 Jun 2018
German and European less-than-containerload (LCL) market leader Dachser announced this week that it will be launching 26 new LCL services and increasing the frequency of six services from every fortnight to weekly.
05 Jun 2018
The ocean carrier’s Ze Box venture capital unit has signed a memorandum of understanding with PSA unboXed, the external innovation and corporate venture capital arm of Singapore’s PSA International.
Logistics software.
05 Jun 2018
A funny thing has happened in the last few years even as the role of chief supply chain officer hasn’t become quite so ubiquitous: on-demand, subscription-based software providers have begun to partner more than ever, creating networks of logistics capabilities that often mimic those promised by the broader single suites.
Uber Freight.
04 Jun 2018
The inclusion of carriers with up to 10 trucks in Uber’s capacity pool will help build density and increase the value of its app-based service to shippers.
Maersk Line.
03 Jun 2018
Maersk’s first-quarter earnings conference call was not only a report card on the ocean carrier, as important as that is. It was also a summary of the major trends and factors affecting container shipping.
WiseTech Global.
01 Jun 2018
The arms race among freight forwarding enterprise systems should be a boon for forwarders and their beneficial cargo owner customers by extending the number of applications available through a single platform.
30 May 2018
Sponsored: Panalpina's Frank Hercksen on the global rollout of the SAP Transportation Management and trans-Pacific objectives.  
Deliveryperson delivers an e-commerce package.
26 May 2018
While the data on the phenomenon are in their infancy and hardly comprehensive, it appears less-than-containerload shipping is being propelled higher by several postmodern trends that are changing the nature of global trade, including the rise of e-commerce, more frequent shipping, and technology enabling supply chain monitoring and optimization.
The Port of Oakland.
24 May 2018
The Oakland Portal that the Northern California port launched Thursday will help beneficial cargo owners, terminal operators, truckers, and other port users share shipment information on a single platform rather than having to access dozens of different websites.
Trucks travel in Tennessee, United States.
24 May 2018
When talking about capacity, shippers too often focus on drivers, facilities, and assets. Time, however, is a key element in transportation capacity, and one that needs to be addressed if shippers hope to find freight space at reasonable prices and ship “more with less” in 2018.
23 May 2018
ShipChain, the cryptocurrency-based logistics start-up company, was issued a cease-and-desist order Tuesday by South Carolina’s attorney general for allegedly transacting securities as an unlicensed broker/dealer.
Port of Virginia.
22 May 2018
The Port of Virginia has been experiencing glitches with its new Navis N4 software in the Virginia International Gateway terminal. Fortunately, there has not been a major disruption for beneficial cargo owners but it is creating an inconvenience for truckers.
Port of Hamburg.
21 May 2018
Reluctance to embrace new ways of doing business is holding back container shipping, executives said at a Hamburg shipping conference.
The Port of Oakland.
16 May 2018
The more that blockchain becomes understood, the more conceptually, at least, it fits hand in glove with international logistics. But actually transitioning logistics to the paradise of transactions being recorded instantly and efficiently is proving to be quite a formidable task.
A truck travels on a US highway.
16 May 2018
Convoy is among the most prominent of a large crop of digitally powered companies using algorithms to better match capacity and demand.
A truck travels on a US road.
15 May 2018
Technology came under the spotlight at the Transplace Shipper Symposium this week, as did the truck driver shortage (as expected). Other topics that may help shippers address their freight transportation problems yielded insights, as well.
The Port of New York and New Jersey.
14 May 2018
NYSHEX’s digital exchange has the potential to increase cargo booking efficiency and reduce uncertainty and volatility, among other benefits. But can the platform evolve to meet the needs of a greater percentage of shippers, including larger shippers with complex supply chains? 
Warehouse in the United States.
10 May 2018
Innovations in the global transportation management system space are happening around the fringes, incorporating things like in-app messaging, better user interfaces, or applying AI layers to existing optimization tools.
Trucks traveling in Florida.
07 May 2018
It was President John F. Kennedy who said, “I appreciate candor, almost as much as I appreciate good news.” Place this point in the category of utmost candor: if you thought it was difficult to find a truck in the United States in the first quarter, just wait.
The Port of Oakland.
05 May 2018
Change, and technological change, is occurring in logistics, but the analysis that argues ocean carriers are trying to put logistics providers out of business is a stretch. The more likely scenario is more diverse — and one that will ultimately benefit the customer.
A container ship at sea.
03 May 2018
INTTRA doesn’t see its rate management pilot as directly competitive to those of its partners, but multiple current and former executives involved in the rate management software space have a different evaluation of the pilot’s launch last week.
A container ship passes under the Golden Gate Bridge.
02 May 2018
In that debate, Flexport's CEO underscored the company's performance to date, and how he sees 2018.
The Port of Antwerp.
26 Apr 2018
Among other benefits, automating the management system for contract rates will reduce invoice errors that add to administrative functions, project administrators argue.
XPO Logistics.
24 Apr 2018
Some said it could not be done, but Bradley Jacobs is forging new shipper services by integrating assets and resources from across XPO Logistics’ diverse operating network.
A truck travels on a US highway.
24 Apr 2018
A survey of more than 600 owner-operators and small carriers shows little change in detention practices at shipper docks, despite electronic logging and market pressures.