IES, Ltd. and Traxon Europe Form ‘Data Hub’ for ICS Connectivity

IES, Ltd. and Traxon Europe Form ‘Data Hub’ for ICS Connectivity

Software and electronic communication providers IES, Ltd. and Traxon Europe are co-operating to provide seamless electronic data exchange between forwarders and airlines. This has become especially important since many airlines require MAWB and HAWB information in electronic format from forwarders in order to comply with new customs regulations implemented in the European Union at the beginning of the year.


Frankfurt on Main, 5 July 2011 – “IES and Traxon Europe have created an extensive data-driven network for EU ICS (Import Control System) compliance," explains Andrew Bullen, President & CEO of transportation software provider IES, Ltd. “In this scenario, the combined IES-Traxon network acts as a ‘data hub’ at the center of ICS connectivity. Users interface with the IES Air Export software product that guides them through the data entry process. Next, the data is automatically routed to Traxon and then on to the carriers." 

ICS is the mandatory electronic customs procedure for import shipments into the EU designed to improve security by providing advance cargo information. It requires detailed data on goods to be submitted electronically and prior to arrival. The new regulations have come into effect in all 27 EU member states, Norway and Switzerland in order to facilitate risk analysis by local customs authorities.

“Traxon provides a single gateway to all European customs authorities supporting electronic customs. Our service facilitates the automatic handling of all messages to and from local customs via one EDI interface. TRAXON Air Cargo Customs (ACC) Europe creates Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), the Arrival Notification and the Diversion Request based on standard EDI messages. Traxon validates the information, translates and maps it according to local requirements. When the declaration is thus completed it is sent to the relevant customs office”, explains. Felix Keck, Managing Director of Traxon Europe.

“The joint IES-Traxon initiative will provide our customers with the highest level of service and regulatory compliance,“ continues Andrew Bullen, “In addition to compliance, the partnership will serve as a powerful foundation for our clients to reduce costs with the carriers and offer additional services to their customer base.”

“Our companies have the same goals - to provide a top class service to the airfreight industry,” adds Felix Keck. “I am convinced that together we can more effectively develop and bring to market our innovative solutions. This will accelerate the productivity and performance of both of our customers.”