Customs Regulations

Customs Regulations

With its more than 60,000 employees, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is charged with facilitating lawful international travel and trade. As the first unified border entity for the United States, CBP takes a comprehensive approach to border management and control, combining customs, immigration, border security, and agricultural protection into one coordinated and supportive activity.
On a typical day, CBP screens tens of thousands of cargo containers. Each year, CBP facilitates an average of more than $3 trillion in trade, while enforcing trade laws.


With so many products currently subject to Trump administration tariffs, a huge portion of entries from China will not be eligible for CBP's recently announced COVID-19-related duty deferral program.

News & Analysis

11 Feb 2022
Descartes is adding to its in-house roster of trade compliance tools with the $40 million purchase of online customs broker software provider NetCHB.
28 Dec 2021
TradeLens has continued progress in building its network in Asia by securing Pakistan Customs and its single window initiative as a new member, bookending its existing investment in India.
23 Dec 2021
Clearing an unprecedented number of low-value shipments driven by cross-border e-commerce will require US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to leverage automation.
20 Oct 2021
US Customs and Border Protection is stepping up its efforts to reduce port congestion amid record imports by working with customs brokers to target illegal shipments, thereby freeing up staff and resources to expedite clearance of legitimate imports.
13 Jul 2021
Digital forwarders and investors are eyeing an underserved Latin American market with a combination of service models that have found success in other markets and local expertise that is difficult to replicate for outsiders.
01 Mar 2021
Descartes has acquired foreign trade zone software specialist QuestaWeb as the global trade management solutions market continues to consolidate.
09 Feb 2021
Through two pilot programs, US Customs Border and Patrol (CBP) is gathering additional information on potential high-risk shipments and also allowing for electronic document filing on international e-commerce shipments valued at $800 or less.
07 Jan 2021
A new law that requires the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop a plan to use X-rays or similar technology to scan all cars, trucks, and freight trains entering the country could cause a flare up of chronic congestion issues at the southern border.
06 Jan 2021
Marianne Rowden, the longtime public face of a key importer-exporter lobbying group, is stepping down at the end of March as e-commerce growth makes the interaction between shippers and the public sector all the more vital.
28 Dec 2020
The as-yet-unfulfilled promise of expedited cargo clearance for shippers under US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) trade facilitation programs may soon come at a cost of compulsory self-regulation
24 Nov 2020
New York–based new trade compliance automation startup Altana AI has designs on creating a new version of much-maligned trusted trade cargo facilitations programs.
20 Apr 2020
CBP has reversed course on allowing certain importers to defer duties by 90 days for companies whose receipts in March or April dropped by more than 60 percent due to COVID-19.
25 Mar 2020
Importers can apply to CBP to request an extension to pay applicable duties and taxes due to disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak.
27 Dec 2019
Customs officials and brokers in the United States are both being challenged by constantly changing tariff levels and a continued influx of smaller e-commerce parcels.
13 Dec 2019
A number of ocean carriers are adjusting their detention and demurrage fees in the next 30 days, causing shippers to pay more for these penalties being reviewed by the Federal Maritime Commission.
30 Sep 2019
The Chittagong Customs House has suspended the license of Continental Traders, the local agent of COSCO Shipping, a move that could cause significant disruptions to the Chinese state-run container carrier’s operations in Bangladesh.
23 Sep 2019
US Customs and Border Protection’s 90-day suspension of the carrier’s trusted trade status ended Sept. 16, but not before damaging Mediterranean Shipping Co's brand and spurring some multinational cargo owners to hold off on booking.
Trans-Pacific westbound spot rate plunge set to deepen
22 Aug 2019
Spot rates in the westbound Pacific took a sizable drop this month due to declining US exports to Asia, which are resulting in especially low vessel utilization rates. The normal strong rebound, which should begin in November, could be muted as a result.
20 Aug 2019
The inefficiencies inherent in the Mexican customs process could be reduced through reforms, including a more standardized interpretation of customs laws, stakeholders say.
19 Aug 2019
A new agreement between the US and Canada will allow the two countries to fully clear cargo before railroads and trucks reach landside ports of entry, reducing congestion and freeing up customs officials.
01 Aug 2019
The head of the Mexican agency overseeing the country’s port system said it should be made more efficient and less expensive for shippers, reflecting shipper concerns the system is burdensome and unpredictable.
26 Jul 2019
A recent uptick in pest presence in properly treated and marked wood packaging materials (WPM) has US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rethinking its ISPM 15 enforcement policies.
22 Jul 2019
US importers say they face a lack of alternatives, feedback, and proactive sourcing information from enforcement officials when treated and apparently compliant wood packaging materials (WPM) fail ISPM 15 inspection.
16 Jul 2019
The 90-day suspension of MSC from the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism after nearly 20 tons of cocaine were seized at the Port of Philadelphia June 17 sends a clear warning to major container lines.
09 Jul 2019
US authorities’ consideration of forfeiting the vessel, which is owned by JP Morgan, could push up MSC’s charterer rates, compounding the pain the carrier has already suffered via delayed shipments, added docking fees, and damage to its brand.
US vehicle tariffs threaten fast-growing trans-Atlantic trade
08 Jul 2019
The US has hit the pause button in its trade war with China and has shifted its attention back to Europe where tariff threats are hurting business confidence, especially in the German vehicle and spare parts market.
Rising US-Mexico trade squeezes Laredo truck capacity
02 Jul 2019
Monterrey-based aluminum manufacturer Riisa wants to increase exports to the US but must deal with local capacity shortages and logistics challenges in Laredo, the largest US truck border crossing.
20 Jun 2019
The 90-day suspension from the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism means the container line will no longer enjoy “trusted trader” status, increasing the likelihood of import shipment delays.
07 Jun 2019
Shippers and providers are watching Mexico’s new customs head to see if he can improve the fluidity of imports even as supply chains handle ever more cargo.
10 May 2019
US imports of goods that left China prior to Friday’s increase of tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent may be able to enter the country at the lower duty rate under certain circumstances.
01 May 2019
US importers paying tariffs might have some remedies at their disposal to limit their financial obligation, but many don’t know their options and are leaving valuable savings on the table.
16 Apr 2019
Customs services at Mexico’s largest port will be available round the clock under a plan that federal customs authorities are putting together to help move cargo through the port more quickly.
26 Feb 2019
Enforcement of a revamped customs program requiring carriers to electronically submit manifest data prior to arrival or departure at Indian ports had already been pushed back twice.
Service integrations offer new trade compliance options
14 Feb 2019
Consolidation in the GTM software space and Maersk's purchase of customs broker Vandergrift are signs shippers want to more closely link logistics and compliance activities.
12 Feb 2019
The deal gives the company more trade compliance firepower to accelerate its evolution to an integrator able to provide deeper supply chain management to shippers.