Mexico Plans Market

For Farm CommoditiesA Mexican agricultural commodities exchange may start operations within a month, the government newspaper El Nacional reported.

The exchange will be regulated by the Commerce and Industrial Development Department. The Mexican Association of Brokerage Firms, the Commerce Department and the National Agricultural Council have conducted trial operations on behalf of private sector clients to prepare for the market opening.

Swiss Central Banker

Has Doubts on Dollar

FRANKFURT, W. Germany - Doubts remain about whether the dollar will stabilize at current levels, Pierre Languetin, president of the Swiss National Bank, said at a press breakfast in Zurich Friday, Swiss central bank sources said.

Mr. Languetin, who retires in March, said central bank intervention to support the U.S. dollar in 1987 totaled $140 billion, the sources said.

Mr. Languetin warned that no solution to world trade imbalances was in sight and the U.S. external debt was rising with disquieting speed.

White House to Take

Stand on Markets

WASHINGTON - The White House will make a recommendation on the structure of the stock and futures markets. However, President Reagan's chief economic adviser Friday declined to say what the recommendation will be.

We will take some kind of position, Beryl Sprinkel, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, told reporters.

The administration will not make its recommendation until officials have reviewed all of the studies on the October stock market crash, he said.

Ministers Postpone

Planned March Meet

TOKYO - A conference between foreign ministers of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations planned for March has been postponed until the fall, a senior Japanese Foreign Ministry official said Friday.

The seven nations are now likely to meet in New York in September, after the G-7's June summit meeting, the official said.

Prudential-Bache Quits

Gilt Market Making

LONDON - Prudential-Bache Capital Funding (Gilts) Ltd. has ceased acting as a market maker in the U.K. government securities market, a company spokeswoman said Friday.

She said the firm was withdrawing because it viewed the chances of increasing its revenue as slim. It has found itself unable to cover its market operating costs, she added.

Prudential-Bache employs about 24 gilt dealers, of whom six to eight will be transferred within the company. It will continue to trade gilts through its subsidiary Clive Discount Co.

Eurofima Borrowings

Win Prime-1 Rating

NEW YORK - Moody's Investors Service assigned a Prime-1 short-term debt rating to Eurofima for its global commercial paper program.

Eurofima was established in 1956 by the governments of continental European countries to provide financial assistance to their national railroads for modernizing equipment and upgrading international rail transportation in Europe.

The shareholders in Eurofima are the state-owned railroads of the member countries. Moody's said it considers the organization to be well-managed, with ample liquidity and reserves.