Federal Inspectors Shut Down Indiana Trucking Company

Federal Inspectors Shut Down Indiana Trucking Company

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration slapped an out-of-service order on U&D Services, shutting down the recently established trucking company.

The agency found multiple safety rule violations at the Indianapolis-based trucking outfit, including a “continuous pattern” of using drivers without licenses.

It was the third time in four months the agency shut down a trucking company. In November, the FMCSA closed Maryland-based Gunthers Transport and Clock Transport for driver hours-of-service and vehicle safety violations.

U&D drivers were cited 12 times for not having a CDL, 10 times for exceeding vehicle weight limits, eight times for exceeding tire weight limits and 21 times for not being proficient in English, the FMCSA said in its out-of-service order.

The Indiana State Police cited the company’s drivers six times in three weeks for driving without a CDL and six times for operating overweight vehicles.

“The Indiana State Police found that many of U&D Service’s drivers could not answer basic questions such as, ‘where are you going’ and ‘where are you coming from,’” according to the out-of-service order. In more than one case, drivers who were told they were out-of-service restarted their trucks and drove away.

The carrier, a “new entrant” that began operations last May, according to the FMCSA, received multiple warning letters ordering it to correct violations. U&D Services, according to FMCSA data, operated 44 vehicles and had 43 drivers, hauling general freight, fresh produce, refrigerated cargo and meat.

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