OF GASOLINE BY 57.8 PERCENTSAO PAULO, Brazil - Brazil's government Friday ordered a 57.8 percent boost in the price of gasoline, a spokesman for President Fernando Collor de Mello said.

The new price of gasoline was 36.90 Brazilian novo cruzados a liter, the equivalent of 87 U.S. cents, or $3.297 a gallon.

Mr. Collor de Mello said at a televised cabinet meeting Friday that most public utility and government-administered prices will suffer "significant price rises" as part of a program to stabilize the economy.

Brazilian inflation was last clocked at 2,751 percent.

Mr. Collor de Mello took office Thursday, promising sweeping reforms to combat inflation.



ROCKVILLE, Md. - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued an operating license for the Seabrook nuclear power plant on Thursday.

The commission granted approval of a full-power license on March 1, but placed a so-called courtesy stay on the license until March 14 to permit filing of stay motions with the U.S. Court of Appeals.

The court denied the stay motion last Wednesday.

Edward A. Brown, president of New Hampshire Yankee, the utility consortium that owns the 1,150-megawatt plant, said, "This is a major victory for New England consumers . . . Our 17-year licensing saga is over."

Mr. Brown said the power ascension test program will begin following a technical review of the license by plant officials. He said the plant will generate electricity for the first time within a few weeks when the reactor reaches the 10 percent power level.

The license was issued by the NRC's Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation.



HOUSTON - Mobil Natural Gas Inc., an affiliate of Mobil Corp., and Transco Energy Co. announced that Mobil plans to acquire an interest in Transco's Mobile Bay pipeline facilities.

The 30-inch line carries 40 million cubic feet a day. It crosses several other major pipelines and terminates at a connection with Transco's mainline, providing direct access to markets along the Eastern Seaboard and the Northeast.

Mobil and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp., a Transco subsidiary, said Thursday they will form a partnership to purchase the pipeline. Mobil and Transco will each have a 50 percent interest. Transco will be the operator.

The 123-mile gas line extends from Mobil's natural gas treatment plant near Coden, Ala., to Transco's mainline near Butler, Ala. Mobil received an option to participate in the pipeline in 1986.

W.L. Luthy, general manager of Mobil Natural Gas, said the Mobile Bay area is expected to become one of the leading natural gas producing regions in the country within the next few years.