LOWER-RVP GASOLINEColonial Pipeline has lowered this summer's Reid Vapor Pressure specification for gasoline to 8.5 pounds a square inch, down from 9 psi.

Colonial made the change because the states of Maryland and Delaware have enacted stricter requirements on their 9 RVP test standard, the company confirmed Wednesday. Colonial is a major interstate pipeline that carries gasoline, heating oil and jet fuel from Gulf Coast refineries to New York harbor.

Reid Vapor Pressure is a measure of the fuel's propensity to evaporate. Gasoline vapors are a component of smog.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has told Maryland and Delaware that the test variance on their summer grade of gasoline can fall a few points below 9 psi, but cannot surpass it.

So, Colonial Pipeline adjusted its specifications for product delivered

from May 1 to Sept. 15 to the Northeast. The standard covers all shippers and meets the stricter allowance for test variance, said pipeline company spokesman Noel Griese.

Delivery of the 8.5 RVP gasoline will commence with the second half of the pumping cycle that starts at Houston on March 29, he said.

Maryland and Delaware this year join the North East State Coordinated Air Use Management states which last year tightened their standards. They are New York, New Jersey and the New England states except New Hampshire.

The national RVP standard is 10.5 psi.



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