Tenneco Gasoline Prices

Up in Several CitiesThe low side of the price ranges for Baltimore, Houston and New Haven that appeared on the Weekly Gasoline Price table in Monday's paper should be 0.10 to 0.70-cent higher.

Tenneco Inc., Houston, increased reseller rack prices, effective March 31, but because of the holiday weekend, the information was not received by press time.

In Baltimore, Tenneco's prices are up by 1 cent a gallon. The new lows for the range are posted by Ashland Petroleum Co. Regular is 52.50 cents a gallon, unleaded is 51.50 and premium is 58.

In Houston, Tenneco's prices increased 0.50 cent, making Marathon Oil Co. the new low: regular is 50.25 cents a gallon, unleaded is 49.25. Premium is unchanged at 54.25.

In New Haven, Tenneco's prices increased by 0.50 cent a gallon and are still the market lows: regular, 51.30 cents a gallon; unleaded, 50.05; premium, 57.05 cents.

Saudi Arabia Denies

Discounting Oil Prices

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia Tuesday denied that it had agreed to discount oil prices for top volume buyers, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Japan Says Indonesia

Giving Price Discounts

TOKYO - Indonesia is offering Japanese oil companies a $1.56-a-barrel discount off the official Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries price for crude oil delivered in April, traders at Japanese companies that import Indonesian oil reaffirmed Tuesday.

Denials of the discounting by Indonesian officials were dismissed by the traders.