Non-OPEC Nations

To Discuss PricesCAIRO, Egypt - Nine oil-producing nations who are not members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are scheduled to meet in London today to consider ways of stabilizing world oil prices, Egypt's top petroleum official said Tuesday.

In a statement distributed by the state-run Middle East News Agency, Oil Minister Abdel-Hady Kandil said Egypt called the conference to discuss deteriorating conditions in the world oil market.

He said participants also will include the Soviet Union, China, Norway, Angola, Malaysia, Brunei, Oman and Mexico.

He said conferees planned to discuss means of halting the decline in prices and the best way to help producing countries, both inside and outside OPEC, maintain a steady income.

Venezuela Issues Call

For Price Meeting

CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuela has called for a meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries' pricing committee to halt the slide in crude oil prices, Venezuelan Energy Minister Arturo Hernandez Grisanti said.

Mr. Hernandez Grisanti said he had contacted Nigerian Petroleum Resources Minister Rilwano Lukman, OPEC chairman, to call for a meeting of the pricing body.

During OPEC's Vienna meeting in December, the pricing committee was formed by Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Indonesia, Nigeria and Venezuela in order to observe the behavior of the market, he said.

Mr. Hernandez Grisanti pointed out that the price of a barrel of oil has fallen $2 to $3 over the past three weeks from the goal of $18 a barrel set by OPEC. The fall, he noted, has occurred despite compliance by member nations with production quotas.