Tandem Teams Up

With TranSettlementsATLANTA - TranSettlements Inc. is bringing EDI software to one of the hottest brands of mainframe computers currently on the market.

The company has reached a deal with Tandem Computers Inc., Cupertino, Calif., which will see the two companies jointly marketing an EDI package that runs on Tandem NonStop systems.

Tandem mainframe computers are known as fault-tolerant machines. They mate two computers together in a system that insures that if one machine fails, the other keeps on running, thus sharply increasing reliability.

Through the deal, Atlanta-based TranSettlements will be marketing the package, call Translate, to Tandem owners through the Tandem Alliance program.

Two Should Complete

Merger in 2nd Quarter

DARIEN, Conn. - ISOETEC Communications Inc. and Vodavi Technology Corp. said their merger should be completed during the second quarter of 1988. One company will survive the merger and be renamed, both companies said.

Vodavi and ISOETEC jointly own Executone Inc., which they acquired from Contel Corp. on Feb. 5, 1988, for about $61 million.

The companies also announced that the exchange ratio has been revised to provide that 2.5 shares of the surviving company's stock will be issued, upon the effective date of the merger, for each share of ISOETEC common stock.

ISOETEC designs microprocessor communications systems for businesses with up to 150 desk-tops.

Computervision Designs

StressLab Software

BEDFORD, Mass. - Computervision, a division of Prime Computer, has introduced StressLab software.

StressLab helps engineers predict how designs in development will stand up to various real-life stresses, Computervision said.

It can also quickly simulate multiple design alternatives, and helps analysis of production processes, including tooling and fixture design, the company added.