Interleaf Software

Is Designed for IBMIBM Corp. will shortly release a new software package developed by Interleaf for IBM.

Called IBM Interleaf Publisher, the new product is a full-feature electronic publishing software package for the IBM PS/2 Model 80. It will be available in May.

IBM also announced its IBM Interleaf Publishing Series RT PC Edition.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Interleaf, a pioneer in easy-to-use, integrated text and graphics publishing software, is also slated to develop publishing products for a range of IBM computers.

Siemens System Adds

Voice Mail Capability

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Siemens Information Systems Inc. has added integrated voice mail capabilities to its Saturn family of digital voice/data communication systems.

Eleven versions of the system, called VOX 50 and VOX 500, are now offered by Siemens. The system provides a range of capabilities for users having between 25 and 300 lines.

The VOX systems include standard features that are usually offered only as options on similar systems. Siemens said these include a message waiting indication light, universal call administrator and call screening.

EDI Solutions Inc.

Unveils New Software

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - EDI Solutions Inc. is releasing a new version of its EDItran software and communications package.

Titled EDItran Version 3.0, the product will retail for $25,000. That's the same price earlier versions sold for. Availability date on the software is June 1, 1988.

EDItran operates on a wide variety of computers, including those manufacturered by International Business Machines Corp. and Hewlett Packard Inc.

It translates the EDI standards created and supported by the American National Standards Institute's X12 Group, the EDI Association (formerly known as the Transportation Data Coordinating Committee), the Uniform Communication Standard, and the Warehouse Information Network System standard.

Among the features of the new package are an ability to operate on Digital Equipment Corp.'s VAX computers, enhanced auditing reports, separation of transactions into multiple output files, and support of messages in the globally-oriented EDI For Administration, Commerce and Trade standard, when they are released.